What is A House Through Time?

Popular BBC Two house history series A House Through Time started in 2018 with a deceptively simple idea - historian David Olusoga traces the history of a single house, uncovering the lives of the people who lived there throughout centuries of British history. There have been four series of A House Through Time altogether, tracing the history of houses in Liverpool, Newcastle, Bristol and Leeds.


When is the next series of A House Through Time?

The BBC has just announced that A House Through Time will return to our screens in 2023 - but this time, there's a twist. In the new series, David Olusoga will look at the history of two apartment blocks, one in London, the other in Berlin, over three decades, from the Roaring Twenties to the aftermath of the Second World War.

The BBC's press release says: "Using painstaking detective work, David hunts down records for the diverse residents of two buildings in two great cities. The cast of characters includes a soldier, an artist, a Nazi teacher, an African academic, a Jewish refugee, an Italian waiter, a poet, a prisoner of war, a woman spy, and an SS officer.

"Europe is at a crossroads and these ordinary people face extraordinary choices: to stay or to go, to speak out or stay quiet, to go to war or fight for peace. Told through their personal experiences, this is the story of the winners and the losers, the persecutors and the persecuted, those who survive and those who don’t."

The new series of A House Through Time will consist of four episodes and be produced by Twenty Twenty. It will be broadcast on BBC Two later in 2023.

Where can I watch A House Through Time?

While you're waiting for the new series of A House Through Time, all previous episodes are streaming on BBC iPlayer.

Who presents A House Through Time?

A House Through Time is presented by Professor David Olusoga OBE, a historian, writer and broadcaster. He is Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester and is the author of books including Black and British: A Forgotten History and A House Through Time (cowritten with Melanie Back-Hansen). At the Batas on 14 May 2023, he was awarded a Bafta Special Award for his services to television.


Rosemary Collins is the features editor of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine