Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine readers transcribed 17,456 records in one day during our annual Transcription Tuesday volunteer event.


Our sixth Transcription Tuesday took place on 1 February 2022 and supported four non-profit projects.

As in previous years, we partnered with free family history website FamilySearch.

Our volunteers transcribed 16,353 parish records from Blackburn in England, Lanarkshire in Scotland and County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

For our second project, HMS NHS, volunteers transcribed 453 records from London’s Dreadnought Seaman’s Hospital.

Transcription Tuesday marked the start of Part Two of the HMS NHS project, covering records from 1870 to 1930.

Martin Salmon, archivist and curator of manuscripts at Royal Museums Greenwich, which runs HMS NHS, said: “The Transcription Tuesday volunteers have helped get Part Two of the project off to a flying start, bringing us several steps closer to unlocking these records and the medical mysteries they contain. Thank you from Royal Museums Greenwich for a marvellous effort!”

In our partnership with Stories of St James’s Burial Ground, volunteers transcribed 536 records from the 18th century London burial ground.

For the final project, working with the National Library of Wales, the volunteers were asked to help tag the library’s collection of 19th century photographs. 114 tags were created altogether.

Gwyneth Davies, National Library of Wales volunteers’ coordinator, said: “The National Library of Wales is delighted that Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine staff chose one of our projects to be part of Transcription Tuesday.

“The wonderful transcribers once again rose to the challenge, creating over one hundred tags for our 19th century Photo Books collection and so making it easier for everyone to discover the content of these beautiful photographs online. Thank you all!”

As usual, readers shared their findings from the records they were transcribing on Twitter:


Rosemary Collins is the features editor of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine