Historic England calls for stories of ‘everyday acts of heritage’

The public body wants to hear what people are doing to support their historic environment

The river Wenning flows past the front of the castle in the village of Hornby in the Lune valley

Historic England is calling on members of the public to share how they’re supporting historic sites in their community.


The public body, which is responsible for England’s historic environment, said it was appealing for stories of ‘everyday acts of heritage’ as the first stage in developing a strategy to “work together with more, and more diverse, people so that more action is taken to support the historic environment”.

It said examples of ‘everyday acts of heritage’ could be big or small and done in a group or by individuals.

Examples include supporting a local shop, market or pub; restoring your home; photographing or blogging about historic sites in your area; and doing something to save, protect or even challenge a historic building, place or monument.

To take part, submit your story via Historic England’s website by the deadline of Sunday 30 August.


Rosemary Collins is the staff writer of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine