Family Historian 7 release announced

The latest version of the popular genealogy programme includes new word processing and data entry tools

A research note in Family Historian 7

Family Historian 7, the latest version of the award-winning desktop genealogy programme, officially launched today.


Family Historian 7’s new features include word processing, source templates, and data entry tools.

Simon Orde, CEO of Calico Pie, which publishes Family Historian, said: “Version 7 supports a wholly new way of entering data that is designed to match the way genealogists actually work.

“Typically a genealogist will find a source of some kind – a document, a gravestone, a newspaper article… whatever – and the data comes from that.

“In version 7, any source type can have one or more tools called ‘data entry assistants’ that facilitate the process of entering data straight from that source type.

“The goal is to make the whole process significantly easier and quicker, while giving better, and more consistent results.”

Version 7 supports a wholly new way of entering data that is designed to match the way genealogists actually work

Family Historian 7 users with the technical knowledge can also write their own data entry assistants and share them with other users.

Simon Orde added that the new version also has support for word processing features in notes and other long text fields, which was “some margin the thing we’ve had the most requests for”.

The word processing features can be used to add web links and tables.

Family Historian 7 also has an Essentials collection of source templates, designed with the help of the Genealogy Programme of the University of Strathclyde, and an Advanced collection modelled on the work of American genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills.

It also has language packs to support output in French, German, Swedish, Dutch/Flemish, Norwegian and Portuguese.

Family Historian 7 runs on Windows 10, 8, and 7.


Rosemary Collins is the staff writer of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine