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AncestryDNA adds 56 communities

The newly defined communities include the first East African community

AncestryDNA's new communities include 30 Mediterranean communities
Published: May 21, 2021 at 12:14 pm
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AncestryDNA users may notice an upgrade in their results next week as the company rolls out 56 new DNA communities.


The Genetic Communities, listed in Ancestry users’ DNA test results, connect users who are probably descended from a population of common ancestors, who lived in or travelled from the same place at the same time within the last 75-300 years.

Ancestry creates the communities by analysing the genetic connections between groups of AncestryDNA members and using public family trees, DNA ethnicity data and historical records to determine where this group of people lived over time.

The newly added communities are Ancestry’s first East African community, 30 more in the Mediterranean, 10 in the Balkans and 15 in Western Asia.

They will launch on Tuesday 25 May, but users may see them in their results from Monday.


Ancestry has now identified more than 1,400 communities and ethnic regions to match with users’ DNA.


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