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Inside this month’s issue

  • Boost your tree
    Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine editor Sarah Williams explains how you can make the most of the vast Internet Archive, which contains more than 20 million free books
  • Book of memories
    Discover one man's mission to track down the families of British servicemen who stayed in New York in WW2
  • Student life
    As a university year like no other begins, Felicity Day looks back on the changing lives of students over the centuries
  • Reader story
    David Stokes' ancestor fought in the Tank Corps during the First World War
  • Irish family history
    Genealogist Nicola Morris explains how to find birth, marriage and death records in Ireland
  • Plus…
    The best websites for finding military medics; using Police Gazette records; the lives of electricians, and much more…

Around Britain

  • Bedfordshire
    How to trace your family in the historic county


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