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Inside this month’s issue

  • Missing birth records
    Can't find your ancestor's birth? Genealogist and former deputy registrar Antony Marr shares his top ticks for tracking them down
  • VJ Day 75 years later
    Historian Kevin Telfer looks back on the turbulent months between the end of the Second World War in Europe and in Japan
  • Slavery in Jamaica
    In light of the debate about the legacy of the slave trade, Richard Atkinson reveals how it felt to discover that his ancestors owned slave plantations
  • Getting started
    More people than ever started their family tree in lockdown. Jonathan Scott picks the best websites for beginner family historians
  • The lives of Boy Scouts
    Writer and Scout leader Nina Hoole reveals how the Scout movement made a difference to thousands of our ancestors
  • Plus…
    Finding records of Japanese PoWs; discovering the lives of chimney sweeps; reader stories from the Battle of Britain, and much more…

Around Britain

  • Lancashire
    Our complete guide to family history in this historic northern county


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