How to colourise black and white photos with MyHeritage In Color

We test-drive MyHeritage's new free photo colourisation tool - and explain how you can use it on your family photographs

Scan-121209-0032-1 3-Colorized

You can colourise your black and white family photographs for free with a new tool from family history website MyHeritage.


MyHeritage In Color is a new free online tool that colourises scans of black and white photographs using exclusive deep learning technology.

To use the tool, visit the MyHeritage In Color webpage.

If you are not an existing MyHeritage user, you will need to register for a free account, or sign in using Facebook or Google.

Then simply upload your photo or drag and drop it into the frame and wait for the colourisation process to be completed, which should take a few minutes.

You can drag the slider across the image to compare the two versions, or use the icons on the top right to toggle quickly between them.

You can also access the tool on MyHeritage’s free mobile app.

MyHeritage CEO Gilad Japhet said seeing his black and white photographs in colour had been “very emotional” and the tool would help millions of people realise “how cool family history really is”.

MyHeritage says that free users can colourise “several” images, whereas MyHeritage subscribers can colourise unlimited images without a watermark.

The photo colourisation technology was licensed by MyHeritage from DeOldify, created by software engineers Jason Antic and Dana Kelley.

To preserve the authenticity of the documents, the company differentiates colourised photographs from original colour photographs using a special embossed palette symbol in the bottom left corner.


We tried it out on some of our own family images, and here are the results:

Jane Caldwell Album
Photos from the “brown album” which includes pictures from the Caldwell childrens early years
Scan-121209-0032-1 3-Colorized
MyHeritage In Colour allows you to colourise old family photographs for free