Who do you think you are sample post

This is a sample post I have created for WDYTYA to illustrate how articles work in Fabric.

Duke Of Clarence

Offers are created like a post in Fabric but instead of having their own landing page they are configured to link out to either a page of our creation or a page on a partners site.


They have a different layout as the cards themselves have to carry instructions/terms and conditions, pricing information and a custom call to action like ‘Buy now’. They can also have a promotional code attached so that users can input this in a check out or it can be appended to the link so that it populates a basket where partners can accommodate that.

Because the cards are bigger they only really work well in a three column widget so you generally need to run at least 3 offers and can configure the widgets on a given page to only show ‘Offers’ so you can create a specific Offers section on a page.

You can also add a 3 column widget to the footer area of posts e.g. articles which would apply the same offer cards across all articles.