New TV show offers chance to see if you’re related to a celebrity

The new Channel 4 series DNA Dinners is appealing for people to take part

DNA test tube
Bonilla1879 via Getty Images
Published: September 3, 2021 at 11:09 am
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A new TV show where members of the public discover their relatives through DNA testing is searching for guests.


DNA Diners is a Channel 4 daytime TV series produced by Salamanda Media.

Each episode will see a different celebrity enter the ‘DNA Dining Room’ to host a dinner party for four guests they’ve never met.

All will have taken a DNA test and at least one of the guests will be related to the famous face.

If the celebrity host and the diners can successfully guess who is related, the diners will share a cash prize.

Each programme will explore interesting family history stories from the celebrity and the diners which could reveal clues to the family connection.

Sally Evans, the programme’s executive producer, said: “DNA Diners is a revelatory new way of tapping into the world of family history with a fun and entertaining twist.”


To apply to be on the show, email


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