Newspapers and other sources

This guide was last updated in 2014

Other sources that can be used to find out more about tradesmen (and women) include cemetery records, monumental inscriptions, city rate books, earlier maps and sales particulars.

One sales particular identified exactly where Christopher Berry had lived and worked on the corner of Dove Lane. Sources for social and local history can be found in a range of original documents, published histories and online. For Ber Street in Norwich I looked specifically at poor law records, local histories of the city, pubs, yards and streets and pleasure gardens as well as old photographs and contemporary newspaper articles.

Original newspapers (available from local archives and larger libraries) and the 19th Century Newspaper collection online (free to access from home if you have a library card for a participating library) reveal huge amounts about the places our ancestors lived. You can also access a vast collection of historic newspapers from

During Mary’s episode there is a newspaper report on paupers complaining about the inedible bread supplied by Robert Houghton. Even more was uncovered in newspapers about Robert Houghton and Ber Street from the local pubs, crimes, the ltalian community, the fashion for keeping canaries; the street being macadamised in 1826 and other improvements as well as a terrible accident involving Alleni the acrobat when descending a rope in his chariot of fire at the Greyhound Pleasure Gardens in 1842.

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