Examine other relevant records

This guide was last updated in 2009

You might be lucky enough to find some records relating specifically to your ancestor’s business (for example, accounts), either passed down through your family or preserved in the archives local to the business.

Histories of the local area may make a mention of the business, and you may even find a photograph of how it used to be. Of course, if the business is still going today, it may hold its own records relating to its history, which you might arrange to see.

It is also worth looking in old local newspapers for advertisements and articles relating to the business, or perhaps for the obituary of your tradesman ancestor, which may talk about them in terms of their trade.

And remember to search the catalogue at the local archives to see if any documents survive that are relevant to your ancestor and their business.

To search the collections of archives in England and Wales, have a look at: www.a2a.org.uk

And for Scotland, visit: www.scan.org.uk


Have a look at local trade directories
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