Transcription Tuesday 2017: Join the AnnoTate team!

By robbiebennie, 10 January 2017 - 7:33pm

WDYTYA? Magazine art editor Robbie Bennie has chosen to work on the AnnoTate project for our very first Transcription Tuesday event. Here, he explains why you should join him...

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Sarah Williams is editor at Who Do You Think You Are? MagazineMonday 9 January 2016
Robbie Bennie, art editor
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As the art editor of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, I guess it was inevitable that I would choose something with an artistic element to it and I was delighted to come across the AnnoTate project.

The aim of the project is to transcribe hundreds of artists' letters, diaries and sketchbooks held in the Tate Archive.

Tate is the first fine arts organisation to collaborate with the Zooniverse team (who are also behind the transcription tool that powers Operation War Diary, one of our other projects) making it easy for volunteers from all over the world to participate.

I hope lots of people will join me on 17 January and get as much pleasure as I will browsing through the scribblings of artists and discovering more about their everyday lives.

Once you have completed the Transcription Tuesday registration form, scroll below for basic instructions on how to take part – it’s really easy to get started!

I also recommend that you take a look at the more detailed tutorial on the AnnoTate website itself.

Getting started

Step 1
To begin, visit the AnnoTate homepage and click on the ‘Find Artists’ button. You can then choose from a number of artists whose material you wish to transcribe.

Step 2
You will then be taken to a page showing a list of the artist’s diaries, letters and sketchbooks. Click the ‘Transcribe’ button alongside the document that you would like to work on.

Step 3
Select the ‘Annotate Text’ button at the top of the page and click at the beginning and end of the line that you want to transcribe. Two blue dots will appear, showing where you are going to annotate, and a box will pop up for you to type into. Copy the text exactly how you see it and click on ‘Save Changes’ when done.

There are also special buttons to facilitate your transcription when you find deleted, illegible, inserted or non-English text.

Step 4
You can also delete dots by clicking on them and selecting ‘delete’, which also deletes the transcription for that line (but not the whole page).

Step 5
If someone has already been transcribed the document, you will see that there will be black dots next to the lines that have been completed.

Step 6
If there are images within the documents, these can be tagged in order to be discussed on Talk (a forum for AnnoTate users). To do this, click on the ‘Annotate Image’ button and drag the mouse over the image you want to select.


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Transcription Tuesday 2017: Join the Waterloo Lives team!
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Transcription Tuesday 2017: Join the team!
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