This week's TV and radio: Ainsley Harriott, Victorian Pharmacy and more

By mattelton, 27 July 2011 - 12:07pm

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27 July – 2 August

Pick of the week
Who Do You Think You Are?
Friday 29 July, 4pm Watch
As demonstrated by last week's memorable episode featuring Jerry Springer, one of the many factors that makes WDYTYA? such riveting viewing is its ability to reveal otherwise unseen aspects of celebrities' personalities. The same holds true for Ainsley Harriott in Friday's classic instalment: the booming, mirthful entertainer may be very much in attendance, but a sobering (and surprising) tale of slavery also provides a refreshing insight into his off-screen persona. Don't forget that you can explore exclusive behind-the-scenes footage in our online episode guide.
Also this week  Victorian Pharmacy
Monday 1 August, 7pm BBC Two
This welcome repeat of the series delving into the world of 19th-century medicine throws up some appealing mysteries. What, for instance, was a bronchial kettle? Exactly how unpleasant would the so-called 'Malvern water cure' have been? These are just some of the conundrums answered in this week's instalments – and, if you think you know what Indian tonic water is for, prepare to have your assumptions overturned...
Restoration Home
Tuesday 2 August, 8pm BBC Two
If you've been avoiding this Caroline Quentin-fronted series because of its apparent focus on architecture, it may be time to reconsider: recent episodes have concentrated just as much on exploring the archives as they have the properties themselves. This week's subject is Calverton Manor in Nottingham – and the gruesome myth that surrounds it.
Words | Matt Elton

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