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Get more from your money
We test the top subscription websites to find the best value site for you – plus exclusive money-off vouchers

Start your family tree with the census
Expert tips on finding your family using this essential resource


+ Inside your issue

Overseas censuses
We show you how to trace far-flung forebears in overseas headcounts

House history
Trace the story of your home with these top online resources

Who Do You Think You Are? Live
Ten things to look forward to at the world's largest family history event

Freemen of the City
Discover more about your forebears who made a living as London tradesmen

Plus.... how the Victorian poor turned to pawnbrokers to survive in the days before social welfare; your genealogical conundrums solved by our panel of experts; give your family tree some flavour with our guide to salt-worker ancestors; plus the latest news, tips, reviews and more


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Bristol and Bath ancestors
Track down your West Country kin with our free cover disc worth more than £26


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Tuesday 27th December 2011
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