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Re: E-petition to get the 1921 census released earlier

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:40 pm
by junkers
The chances are that short of the Government repealing the Census Act of 1920 then the records cannot be released until 2022 because of the legislation, it is a mere eight years time until release. Having said that in 1911 the Government said (on the census forms) that the returns would not be used for calculation of Old Age Pensions but in less than 30 years that is exactly what happened (see the files at The National Archives). What is going to be more important is having a company who can transcribe the records accurately (as for the 1911 Census) but given the public help on the First World War War Diaries why not get the public to transcribe them once they are open?. Incidentally the Scottish Census for 1931 exists so there would a problem if one was released and not another for 1931.