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PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2015 4:59 pm
by KatherineL
Dear Who Do You Think You Are/2012 Series with Samantha Womack

Pleaes does anyone have information on:

Bert Levey vaudeville agent in San Francisco in 1917/1918 and his working relationship with Edward Warren Congdon.

Please does anyone have information on Edward Warren Congdon who worked for Bert Levey as a booking manager for the Alcazar Theatre, San Francisco in 1917/1918.

Please does anyone have information on Edward's first wife Jennie Frances Congdon born 1876, Wisconsin, America (maiden name Montena). Edward and Jennie married in 1900, Chicago.

Please does anyone have information on Edward's second wife Ruth Jezzard Congdon born 1879, London, England (maiden names Ruth/Ruby Thrasher/Jezard and married name Ruth/Ruby Court).

Ruth was an English actress who before she married was on a boat to America with a group of theatricals in 1897 including Jessie Almer (Finkle) who was researched on a Who Do You Think You Are programme.

Ruth performed in lavish pantomimes in 1898 and 1899 at The Royal Drury Lane Theatre, London - The Forty Thieves and Jack & The Beanstalk with Dan Leno. Charlie Chaplin would watch these pantomimes honing his comic skills from Dan Leno - Ruth later emigrated to America and we wondered if she knew Charlie Chaplin and also became involved with silent movies.

Ruth married Albert Edward Court in England in 1900 who was Chief Of Staff at the London Coliseum in 1905.

Ruth's sister Louisa Thrasher/Thresher married Percy Frederick Atkins a theatrical business manager working at the London Lyceum Theatre in 1905.

Thank you for your help.