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Issue 7 Everyday Fashion

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:26 pm
by Carol Ann
Just finished the 'Social Story' article on 'Style for the Workers'. Fascinating, well written, easy to read. The accompanying paintings were also of great interest, the detail in 'The Ale-House Door' of 1790, expressed fully the descriptions you gave.
What an insite these articles give us into the way our ancestors were, and the rules laid down, which were still followed even when I was a child of your 'Sunday Best', and having a new outfit for the Easter Sunday Service, which would take you through to the winter for every special event that took place in our Chapel.
I've looked at the remmended sites in the V & A, and fingers crossed the book may be a Birthday present.
One of my ancestors was a 'bonnett maker', and another a 'Taylor', I traced one who was a 'hawker and milliner'. Where on earth did they aquire the materials for these trades? There must have been a huge trading system going on...perhaps enough for another interesting article?