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Royal Navy - seaman's service record query

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:43 pm
by quartzmonzonite
Anybody out there fancy helping me out with a tangle?

My gt-gt-gt grandfather, Daniel Quinn, was in the Navy for a good few years. I've managed to track down quite a few records but I think a mistake has been made. Somehow, someone who was keeping the records seems to think he was using an alias or two during his career. I think they've muddled a Continuing Service number but it would be good if someone who knows about such things could have a look at this.

The CS numbers involved are 11777, 38985 and 38905.

The details are far too complicated to outline here and I don't think I can attach records. Anybody care to have a look at the records I've obtained from TNA? Contact me via e-mail - - and I'll send the PDF files to you.

Hope someone can help as it's driving me nuts! [:)]