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Mark Grant

PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 3:28 pm
by sdup26
In previous posts, I've mentioned searching for info on Mark Grant, who seems to be on only one census - 1871 Liverpool - with his wife, Maria (nee Wycherley; marriage was 1869). Mark's 1876 death certificate says, 'present at the death, father Hugh Grant, a clothier.'

Whilst searching recently, I found a baptism entry from St Peter, Liverpool: Hugh Grant, baptised 22/6/1872. Father Mark Grant, a porter, of Bidder Street, Liverpool, mother Harriet. The GRO site has a Hugh Grant born JQ 1872, with the mother's maiden name given as Hayden. I can't find a Grant-Hayden marriage, and can't find a Mark Grant in Liverpool around 1871 apart from 'mine.' Which begs the question, is my Mark the father of Hugh bpt 1872?

Re: Mark Grant

PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 1:20 am
by avaline
Looking for other Grant/Hayden births there is a Bridget registered Q1 1874 Liverpool, but the only baptism that seems to match is the Catholic baptism on 22 Feb 1874 (born 18/02/1874) written in Latin as Brigida daughter of Jacobi & Margarite (James & Margaret).

This couple also baptise a son, Hugh (‘Hugo’), in late 1871. There is some confusion around the dates, as the record shows born 16 Nov 1871 but baptised 19 Oct 1871, although from the surrounding baptisms I think this should be 19 Nov. This would fit with a Q1 1872 birth registration.

This family is at Walter Street, Liverpool in 1881, including Bridget & Hugh.

So to answer your question, the father of the Hugh baptised 1872 may well be ‘your’ Mark, but the birth registration seems to relate to a different child.

Catholics tend to baptise children fairly quickly after birth but aren’t necessarily so quick at registration, so looking for a birth registration in Liverpool of a Hugh (any surname) Q2 or Q3 1872, brings this as a possibility:
FORRESTER, HUGH GRANT (mmn blank) GRO Ref: 1872 S Quarter in LIVERPOOL Volume 08B Page 95

In 1881 he appears to be in the Industrial School at Kirkdale, West Derby RD

Searching for Harriet Forrester in Liverpool in 1871 brings up only one (for me anyway!) aged 19 born Staffordshire. This then leads me to a tree on Ancestry, confirming her son as Hugh Grant Forrester, complete with birth certificate & some photographs. He seems to have led a very complicated life, including using the alias name of John Stevenson.

The only problem is that his birth certificate gives his DoB as 7 Jul 1872, 13 Court, Cheapside. I can’t seem to find the image of the baptism you refer to, but one transcript gives no DoB, only the baptism date of 22 Jul 1872, and the other says born 7 Jun baptised 22 July, so I wonder if there could be an error in the DoB on the baptism?

Also in the Gallery of this tree is a document written by a Stevenson grandson, who says:
“On 7 July 1872 she gave birth to Grandad at her Mum's house. The Father’s name is not on the birth certificate but she named her boy Hugh Grant Forrester to make it clear who he was. We have two possible candidates. When Mary Ann married Michael Davies in 1871 one of the witnesses was Mark Grant, a southerner…” They obviously haven't seen the baptism you found though, as they seem to conclude that Hugh Grant Forrester's father was probably named Henry James (Hugh) Grant

‘Mary Ann’ is Mary Ann Davies (nee Martin), Harriet's mother, who married Michael Davies at St Nicholas, Liverpool on 8 Jan 1871. The marriage is online, and witnesses were Mark & Maria Grant.

In another twist to this fascinating story, Harriet is said to have been deaf & dumb according to the 1861 census, although others just say deaf.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 8:15 am
by ianbee
avaline wrote:I can’t seem to find the image of the baptism you refer to

Image here (need to be logged in) ... cat=122430

Re: Mark Grant

PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:13 am
by avaline
Thanks Ian - I keep forgetting to look of Familysearch for UK images.

So the baptism date of 22 July 1872 is correct but the DoB has been written as 7 June v the birth certificate which says 7 July (registered 15 July). The address is also different to the birth certificate (just under a mile away) but I still think it's the same person - too many coincidences for it not to be.

It seems that Harriet was admitted to the workhouse in April 1872 from the Cheapside address, and then again in October 1876 from Vernon Street, and then again in 1877, this time with Hugh, again from Vernon Street. Hugh was then sent to Kirkdale Industrial School.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:55 am
by avaline
Just to add that in 1871 Harriet's mother & new husband (Michael & Mary Ann Davies/Davis) were at 13 Court 4 Cheapside. Michael was a wine porter, which fits nicely with Mark's job as a cellarman/bottle packer. Quite possibly Mark & Michael worked together. Michael was 29 & from Dublin. Mary Ann was said to be 37, but was probably a little older.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 25, 2019 4:59 pm
by sdup26
Thank you avaline - I had some of what you've found, but not enough, and didn't join it all up. Which now, thanks to you, I can! I've also been in touch with the owner of the ancestry tree you mention, and hopefully, we'll help each other. Very many thanks again.