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Finding my 1st cousin 1x Alice Ridley

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 5:21 pm
by Leb
I have various pieces of information relating to my 1st cousin 1x Alice Ridley on which I would like confirmation that I am onto the correct track.

Alice was born 24 June 1907 (according to the 1939 register) in Hindley, Lancashire. However, I have been unable to find a birth registration under this name.
On the 1911 census she is listed as adopted daughter of my Great Uncle Enoch Ridley. They are living at 15 Hart Street, Westhoughton. Also at the address is a Maggie Lloyd, listed as housekeeper.
In 1915 Enoch lists Alice as his daughter and next of kin on his WW1 pension record and living at 7 Hart Street, Westhoughton. I know this is the correct Enoch as he also lists his father as John Ridley at his confirmed address in Atherton.
On the 1939 register a Martha Alice Ridley is listed as living at 7 Hart Street, Westhoughton with a Margaret Lloyd. Alice's birth date is given as 24 June 1907, both Alice & Margaret are listed as incapacitated. Alice's entry is subsequently amended to a married name of Barnett.
There is a marriage recorded on 6th July 1940 to a John Barnett (Horwich 1940 8c 1365). The name given on the marriage registration for Alice is: Martha Alice Turton otherwise Ridley, Address as 7 Hart Street, Westhoughton. Her Father is listed as Enoch Ridley, Coal Hewer, deceased. (Enoch did not die until 25/5/1961). Possible son John born: Manchester Qtr1 1943 8d 134 mother maiden name Ridley.
I have found a birth registration for a Martha Alice Turton daughter of John Turton & Alice Alice Dashwood. Registration Fylde Qtr3 8e 671 1907. A John Turton & Alice Ann Dashwood married St John Earlestown 25 August 1906. Martha Alice Barnett died 1962.
Is this my Alice? was Enoch her real father? Why list him as deceased on marriage registration?
Enoch (born 17 March 1887 Atherton - died 25 May 1962 Ince) did have quite a colourful life - married twice, other children - all girls - discharged from army as unfit for service. There is a family rumour that he emigrated to Tasmania but I have been unable to verify this and he was certainly in the UK at his death in 1961 - I have his will record.
Any ideas or advice

Re: Finding my 1st cousin 1x Alice Ridley

PostPosted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:17 pm
by MoVidger
Martha Alice Turton, daughter of John and Alice Ann Turton, married in Ontario, Canada in 1929. She and her mother traveled to Canada in 1918.

Re: Finding my 1st cousin 1x Alice Ridley

PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:54 am
by Leb
It would appear from your reply that Martha Alice Turton born 1907 Fylde is not the same person as the Martha Alice Turton otherwise Ridley - my 1st cousin 1x. I have found the marriage record in 1929 for Ontario which clearly gives the names of her mother & father and her mother's maiden name, which matches that on her birth registration. Do you have anything to add?