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Lost in 1871 Pettit family

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:31 am
by Barbara1234123412
Hi, my Pettit family, Charles( born Mortlake 1805) and Emma( nee Lane born Reading) are not to be found on the 1871 Birmingham census. Their previous address was Watery Lane and Emma later lived on Eyre Street after Charles died in 1879. Their son John ( born Aston 1855)is also missing.He was in Marshall Street at the time of his wedding Dec 25th 1879. Charles and John were silver engravers. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where they might have been please ?

Re: Lost in 1871 Pettit family

PostPosted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:18 am
by ciderdrinker
Charles is on the rate books at Watery Lane for 1863 renting a house and garden from Elizabeth Kent.He pays for the full year so must be there then.
The 1871 Rate books have a Charles Petit in Gower St.He is renting from the Stait Bros.
His name has been crossed through and replced by Charles Webb.

In 1874 there is a Charles Pettitt in northfield at Pishow Road rentong from Robt Dolphin a house and garden.
Obvously not sure it is the same man.

Just for your information there is a George Pettet renting from Joseph Cox at Muntz St Aston 1865
A house and schoolroom
John Pettit 1865 at Lawley St renting of Exec Henry Ingrams ahouse.
Joseph Petit 1865 a house off Willima Henry Addie in Berner St
James Pettitt 1871 a house off John Thomas Peery in Walsall Road

Not what you wanted I know but perhaps a bit of help