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Queenie Edith Kate Platt 25/02/1915

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:49 pm
by MrsN08
Trying to trace a Queenie Edith Kate Platt - DOB 25/02/1915.

I have birth and baptism records for her, showing mother's maiden name and father's details are all correct - Margaret and Albert Platt. At some point presumably between 1915-1921 all of Queenie's 4 siblings, including her twin brother, were in a workhouse. I have discharge records showing the 4 of them discharged to their father's care in April 1921. However there is no mention of queenie, in fact after her baptism record from 1915 the trail goes completely cold.

I can only think that either:
She died very young, either before entering the workhouse or in the workhouse
She never entered the workhouse, perhaps for whatever reason she stayed with their mother?

I cannot find any records of the admission of the siblings to the workhouse to see if Queenie was with them, no details for her at all as I said after 1915.

I have found a Queenie Edith Kate PRATT - identical date and place of birth as my Queenie - shown on the 1939 register as living with Albert PRATT and his wife Ethel PRATT in Croydon. What are the odds that this is a coincidence, that two people with identical names were born to different men called Albert on the exact same day in the same place? I have researched Queenie PRATT further and she is shown as PRATT on her marriage index record and on the record of her son's birth. I haven't gone so far as checking birth certificates or marriage certificates or anything yet. Next port of call is going to be trying the workhouse records at the London Met Archives where I should also be able to clearly see birth records etc.

Any ideas on how I can try and resolve where my Queenie went after she was born, and if the other Queenie is a red herring or not?

This is driving me barking mad, I'd be so grateful for any suggestions.

Re: Queenie Edith Kate Platt 25/02/1915

PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:10 pm
by elsabels
I searched the death index with forename & date of birth
Name: Queenie Edith K Clements
Death Age: 62
Birth Date: 25 Feb 1915
Registration Date: Dec 1977
Registration district: Croydon
Inferred County: Greater London
Volume: 11 Page: 2023

Addittional children

Margaret Emily Beatrice b 10 March 1909
Ellen Winifred 2 July 1910
Grace Edna 20 April 1912
Albert both b 25 February 1915
Violet E 1916
Gladys May 1 June 1918

I am wondering if Queenie was fostered as a childless couple/ living with the PRATT family and a R was substituted for an L

Have you obtained the marriage cert to see what it states, probably Albert Pratt as father. Albert was b 1892 whereas her father 1886!

Re: Queenie Edith Kate Platt 25/02/1915

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:48 am
by ianbee
In fact Queenie was admitted to Pancras WH with her siblings, 23.1.17
Father Albert Platt, 2400297 7 Batt. Bedford Regt. Lowestoft
Looks like she was readmitted the following year and sent to Leavesden, 4.1.19
Have I got that right?

Re: Queenie Edith Kate Platt 25/02/1915

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:03 am
by ianbee
Confirmed by the creed register! Admitted back to workhouse from the North Infirmary.
Twin brother Albert also sent to Leavesden (13.7.18).