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John Turner, born about 1830

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:04 pm
by pforkes
John Turner was born about 1830 in Little Cornard, Suffolk and was christened on 14 Feb, 1830 in Cornard Parva, Suffolk.

John’s parents were William Turner and Sarah Cant

The 1851 census has him working as an agricultural laborer in Little Cornard, Suffolk.

I cannot find him in the 1861 census.

The 1871 census (I believe) has him living and working in Mottingham, Kent. He is married to Sarah (I cannot find a marriage record for them) and they have five children (with one having died).

Can anyone help me determine if the John Turner, living in Littler Cornard in 1851, is the same John Turner living in Mottingham, Kent, in 1871?

Re: John Turner, born about 1830

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:14 pm
by Sylcec
Have you tried browsing the pages of Little Cornard in 1861 using Ancestry - only 19 pages?
Have found William and Sarah Turner and son James, 20, on the 2nd page, RG9/1129 fol.32,p.1.
There's another family of Turners on the last but one page: William (34) and Susana (33) and 3 children - may also be related - ? William being the son of William and brother of your John? However, regret that there is no sign of John Turner in Little Cornard in 1861.

As he is 30+ it is indeed quite likely that he has moved away for work or love or both. It may be worth your while browsing census sheets for adjoining parishes. If you don't know which these are, then identify them using [url][/url].

You think that John may have married a Sarah. There is a John Turner, age 30, Ostler, b. Eriswell, Suffolk, in Stoke Newington with wife Sarah from Wiltshire and sons John Thomas and William. See: RG9/152, fol.27 - but Eriswell which is north in the county doesn't seem to have any proximity to Little Cornard, which is on the border with Essex.

The other potential problem is that if he moved into the London area by 1861 is that there are many census pieces missing for that year, so he may not be able to be found.

Re: John Turner, born about 1830

PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:49 pm
by Sylcec
I have found John and Sarah and children who you refer to in the 1871 census in North West Kent. Mottingham is in the parish of Eltham, registration district Lewisham.
Have you purchased a birth certificate for any of their children? This might be helpful to establish Sarah's maiden name. In the meantime, have you considered this marriage?
December qtr 1861
Turner John Lewisham 1d 953
Turner Sarah Lewisham 1d 953

I didn't have much luck finding birth regs for Emma or George in Lewisham, but eventually hit pay dirt with Walter using the GRO search:
Name: Mother's Maiden Surname:
GRO Reference: 1870 M Quarter in LEWISHAM UNION Volume 01D Page 853

So - it looks as if the couple were both TURNER.

Re: John Turner, born about 1830

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 2:27 pm
by ianbee
Age might be out in 1861
John Turner, 26, Ag Lab, born Suffolk
Boarder in Eltham (412/6/17)
Marriage was later that year in Eltham, as posted by Sylvia

Re: John Turner, born about 1830

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:09 am
by janetw
Our Turner family in Australia descends from James Turner who married Catherine Fraser at Heathcote (Victoria, Aust.) 28th. Jan. 1860. This is the earliest identifiable entry we have been able to find in Aust. The marriage took place at Mount Ida Cottage in Heathcote and as James made his mark (X) , we assume that he would not have checked information on the record. He appears as a labourer at Wild Duck Creek, 22 years of age, which would have him born in 1837/8. His age given on his death info. could mean that he was born 1832/33. His marriage cert. shows James to be a bachelor, born in Suffolk, England to parents John Turner and Susan (nee Adams). His birth place appears to be "Little Cornish", but there is no such place in Suffolk; the nearest we can find is "Little Cornard". We have searched parish records and other records for a Suffolk birth for James or a marriage for his stated parents but can find nothing to verify his origins. Tradition in the family is that James Turner arrived in Australia around 1846 aged 14 with an uncle, this is stated in his obituary. We wonder whether there could be a connection with the family of John Turner born about 1830 who is being discussed in this post. Any suggestions that could help us to solve this seemingly too difficult conundrum would be most welcome. Thankyou.

Re: John Turner, born about 1830

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:40 pm
by pforkes
Little Cornard (in Suffolk) was not a very big town (you can learn more here: and I have a whole slew of Turners from there.

You can see my tree here:

Have you purchased an AncestryDNA kit? That might confirm if we are related.