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Certificate article

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Certificate article

Postby davedobbin » Mon Sep 24, 2007 11:53 pm

On the whole the mag is OK. In some places it gets a bit heavy but in general it is informative and reliable.

I appreciate that some things cannot be fitted in, but in the article "Decoding the documents" has a couple of omissions:

Birth certificate:

1. Under the Midwives Act 1902 (the one that put Midwifery on a professional footing for the first time), in the absence of anyone else registering the birth within the timescale, it became the midwife's responsibility to register it. Thus it is possible the Informant may not be connected with the family, but she was present at the birth.

2. The diagonal line drawn in the right hand margin is not just for decoration. If the register entry has any notes (eg changes to the register after the initial registration process) then these notes are written in this margin by the Registrar when the certificate is written. If there are no notes then a diagonal line is drawn here. This also applies to the Marriage and Death certificates, but I notice the Death certificate used in the magazine example has a heading in the margin that makes it more clear.


The number in the first column is actually the [b]Schedule[/b] number and not the number of the [b]house[/b] - the number of the house (where included) is written in column 2. Most of us have been caught out by this at some time and have been looking for number 50 Something Street, only to find out there were only 40 houses because multiple occupancy of some of the houses meant that two (or more) schedules were issued for the same premises. Or the enumerator issued the schedules from East to West in one census and West to East in the other, giving the impression our ancestors moved from one end of the street to the other.
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