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School Registers

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School Registers

Postby ritah » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:39 pm

This article reminded me of some research I attempted some time ago. I was trying to find my father's school admissions register but unfortunately his school had moved and changed name several times during the relevant period and the admissions registers had been lost. However the school log books did exist and while I didn't find anything about my father I became fascinated with the glimpse into life at that time which was during WW1. There were entries about illness of staff and children, mention of ..... being on holiday with his parents for a week which really surprised me as I didn't think that people from a working class area which this was would have been taking a holiday. I also saw that Miss ...... had been given 2 days leave as her sweetheart was leaving for France, a later entry showed this same lady being given leave as her sweetheart had returned injured from France. Some 2 years later there was an entry stating that this same lady was leaving to get married and I wondered if it was the same man or had her sweetheart died and she married someone else!!! Unfortunately she had a very common surname and I didn't know her sweetheart's name so couldn't follow it any further, very frustrating, once the genealogy bug has bitten this is just the sort of story to follow but not always possible.

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Re: School Registers

Postby Editor » Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:05 am

It's funny how we can become sidetracked as family historians. I once spent hours researching a family that used to live in my house when it was first built. Once you start...

It's going to be really fascinating once this school register project is completed by Findmypast. We'll keep readers up to date as soon as it is released (I understand it's going to be quite a while).

In the meantime, I hope others who read Rita's post will be encouraged to look up school records next time they are in an archive. You can read more about what's available and where to look on our feature on school registers in our Christmas issue on sale now.

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Re: School Registers

Postby ksouthall » Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:29 pm

A few years ago, I looked up my great-granddad's school registers in Brighton. They gave useful information about where the family were living at various times and I was also able to obtain some of his siblings' exact dates of birth, which I didn't have before.
An interesting part of the story was that my great-granddad was the eighth of ten children. Four children were from his father's previous marriage, his first wife having died in 1866. I did not find the four oldest children in the school records, although they may have attended different schools. My great-great-granddad was a train driver and, according to Railway Staff records on Ancestry, he received several pay rises during the 1870s and 1880s, which may have offered a greater choice of schools when the children from his second marriage were of school age.
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Re: School Registers

Postby Sylcec » Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:35 pm

My errant grandfather, born in Calcutta, about whom not much was known, was reputed to have attended Clifton College in Bristol. When I made contact with previously unknown cousins, it was discovered we all had the same story. Pity the poor archivists etc at Clifton College - no sign of grandfather under any name.

Fast forward to release of 1901 census - there he was - at King Edward VI school at Stratford on Avon - Shakespeare's old school apparently! The school archivist was contacted and extremely helpful, sent me a copy of the relevant page from the register and also several excerpts from school magazines which referred to grandfather's sporting prowess. What amazing good fortune, as he entered the school in 1896 and left at the end of the 1901 school year!

So yes, roll on release of school registers on-line!
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Re: School Registers

Postby Guy » Mon Dec 09, 2013 8:23 am

Anguline Research Archives
and other suppliers have many School Registers available on CD and as digital downloads.
No need to wait.
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