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Regimental Indexes 1806

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Regimental Indexes 1806

Postby Dene Fisher » Sat Sep 21, 2013 2:49 pm

I've come across a record for one of my distant relatives, Charles Higginson b:1771 in Flixton on FMP under the Regimental Indexes 1806 (WO25/:892)
How would I go about viewing the actual details of this record and what is it likely to tell me?
I know from Charles discharge record that he was only a private all through his millitary career from 1794 to 1814, would the above records tell me much about him?
Thanks in advance
Dene Fisher
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Re: Regimental Indexes 1806

Postby junkers » Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:23 pm


Although the record (WO 25/892) should be on Findmypast, they are actually held at The National Archives (TNA), Kew ( ... i=C4397752). They are described by TNA as the Statements of service of NCOs and Men and those liable for service abroad on 24 June 1806, which I think describes what you should find. It may add to the story or it may not, it is the usual story of different parts of the War Office having different aspects of a soldier's life and records. You can ask TNA for an estimate of the cost of a copy (just click on the tab within Discovery (their new catalogue) under WO 25/892) but it may be high as they have to search in the volume for the entry amongst the others and Treasury dictate what the charges are.
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Re: Regimental Indexes 1806

Postby AdrianB38 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:28 pm

Belated comment - not sure what you are expecting to see but FindMyPast has two images for Charles Higginson in WO97. I suspect you have seen these, since you refer to his discharge papers, which is what these are. Basically, that's going to be it for his personnel records. See ... to1913.htm

The Regimental Indices on FMP ("Regimental indexes 1806") are part of the collection "Napoleonic War Records 1775-1817" and are indexes of part of WO 25 (see previous post for description). Given you have the WO97 data, I doubt the Kew stuff is going to add much - but can't say that for certain. (For most people this will not be true, as most soldiers will not have a WO97 entry, so the WO25 stuff may be all there is - aside from any muster rolls).

The other thing to do would be to investigate the various Muster Rolls for the 10th Dragoons - I think that should tell you where the regiment was and show you his name in each muster.
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