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Loads of dates, no info

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Loads of dates, no info

Postby pete s » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:01 pm

I believe I have made the first mistake (and I am no doubt not the only one) but when I started my family tree I had a find out if my Nanna was related to my Grandpa before they were married. I have found the previous marriage with there surnames, so hopefully I am more than half way to proving this.....

But the project has just snowballed, and im in the 16 and 1700's, loads of names, years of birth/death. But there is no real info or evidance to back these up, or to confirm actual dates of birth.

My next plan is to add info to these but I am struggling to find time, so any advise would be welcomed. Also if you can help with any of the following I would be gratefull.

1) I am currently using My Heritage Family tree maker (I have 502 members, but need to upgrade) is it worth joining as a paid member or starting with something else.

2) I am planning a trip to the National Archieves but I am unsure how this will help.

3) I have both my wifes and my family on one tree, would it be easier to seperate them and concerntrate on one at a time.

Thanks in advance

pete s
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Re: Loads of dates, no info

Postby junkers » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:43 pm


I think is quite a big project and it is usually best to start to do just one side of your family tree at a time and I would suggest you separate your family tree from your wife's. I think, I might be wrong, that you are using online resources and it is always best to go one stage at a time and have the entries from the original records along with dates, addresses, etc. A lot of important records are not online and it is a question of how important that information might be. I think it is sometimes easier to put the draft family tree down on paper and it can be easier and clearer to see the picture. I would suggest adding all the siblings on your tree but the project is actually genealogy rather than family history, i.e. dates and names rather than the information on individuals.

The likelihood is that you can find the link, possibly, but to get back to the 1600s with any proof which others might like to look at for their ancestors.

A visit to The National Archives (TNA) will not help you unless you know what are specifically are looking for, i.e. dates, individuals, Army, Navy, Air Force, etc, although they have a catalogue known as Discovery. TNA do not have many birth or marriage certificates except for a small set of Army officers' records, so the General Register Office (for England and Wales), Scotland's People (for Scotland) and the General Register Offices in Belfast and Dublin (for Ireland) are better for your use.

Do come back for advice, a plan only works for a while, I often go off at tangents when I get into the archives office and end up in another strand of the family tree. Family
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Re: Loads of dates, no info

Postby pete s » Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:12 pm


Thanks for the advice....

To split the family tree is going to be easy to do and to be honest will make life easier. The wifes family tree comes from a relaible sourch and matches up with her sisters reseach. Although it still has years of birth in some places. It is something we know to be as accuate as it can be.

I am therefore going to go back to my family tree and put more info into the people and places were they lived.

One further question is how do i find service numbers, I know on the 1901 cenus that at the age of 66 one of my relatives lived in Gosport, Hampshire. I believe he had joined the Navy and settled there after leaving.


pete s
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