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Una Stubbs' episode

Share your thoughts on the most recent series of the show, which features the likes of Sarah Millican, Nick Hewer and Gary Lineker

Una Stubbs' episode

Postby Jon Bauckham » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:45 am

Hello everyone,

The wait is over! The brand new series of Who Do You Think You Are? begins tonight with an episode featuring Una Stubbs. We're bursting with excitement over here in the office, and we're sure you are too.

Now, I'm sure that you'll have plenty to say about the episode, so I have created this thread for you to comment on. What were your favourite bits? What did you dislike? Were there any similarities to Una's story and your own research?

We're also going to be Facebooking/Tweeting live throughout the broadcast. If you're social media savvy, you can also join us here:

Plus, be sure to visit our Una Stubbs episode page

 where we'll be uploading a full episode guide, unseen footage and research tips after it airs.

So... make your dinner, have a cup of tea and switch on BBC One at 9pm. We know we will be!

All the best,
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Jon Bauckham
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby KayFarndon » Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:20 pm

I have been looking forward to the new series with anticipation and have just watched the Una Stubbs edition. Coincidence plays a great part in our family history, as it showed in the facts that Una had a grandmother who loved dancing and Una was a dancer and a grandfather who worked for Rowntrees and Una advertised their chocolates. I am sure many people come across similar coincidences too.

I found the programme slow going, but for anyone just beginning their own family research there were some good hints for them, but again, it did not go back far enough for me and I did get slightly bored, sorry.

There are some interesting names coming up, so hopefully there will be some faster moving and more in depth trees to follow.
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby junkers » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:42 pm

I thought it was slightly slow going, but I was surprised that the motto of starting from the latest information and work backwards was missing, so the 1911 census took some time to appear and with a redacted copy! (always get the full version as it might be relevant). I would have started from the 1911 census just to make sure the information you have is correct, it isn't always and no mention of the First World War. It is always interesting to look at the various celebrities and see if you can recognise the back photograph and where they are going.

I do find it strange how celebrities burst into tears at information, events are often sad but can you do anything about it?. The one issue is that unless you use computers it is going to be difficult to do research, it can be done but those of us of pre-computerised indexes times know it takes some time!.
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby ksouthall » Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:30 am

I really enjoyed this episode and liked all the coincidences. I found Sir Ebeneezer Howard an inspirational person and I like the style of programme which focuses on a few main ancestors, rather than trying to go back as far as possible, as it is interesting to gain an in depth understanding of them rather than skimping on details.

If anyone gets the chance to visit Letchworth, it is well worth seeing how it is laid out as it is a really nice town. Simon Pegg's latest film, "The World's End" was filmed there.
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby Barnesyard » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:10 am

I too enjoyed the episode but have a few unanswered questions! When discussing the birth of Annie's son Albert Horsfall in the WH in 1903 WDYTYA mentioned that Annie's mother, Lizzie, died the same year. I need to watch again maybe but this seems to have been the only mention of Lizzie. Is there any more information about Annie's mother?
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby 2012girl » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:17 am

I was left wondering what happened to Annie's real mother, Eliza Robinson, and why she ended up being adopted by the Horsfall's? I noticed she was using the surname Horsfall when Albert was born but had reverted to Robinson by the time of Clarence's birth.

Not the most exciting episode but good to have the series back and Una seems a lovely lady
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby ritah » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:26 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and found Una to be very genuine in her reactions, some more information on Annie's mother would be interesting. I did think that the sections where Una was being shown documents standing in a cold windy street rather strange, wasn't there a coffee shop nearby? Nevertheless very enjoyable.

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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby ChristopherHowell92 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:31 am

I too enjoyed this episode as, indeed, I have enjoyed previous programmes, but oh, how I wish that there could be some indication of HOW the results are found. It seems too 'pat' to just arrive upon the scene and be presented with something 'which I think you will find interesting' without actually showing the process involved. Please WDYTYA do show us the whole process otherwise the series will be just that, a series, without proper help and substance to those of us who continue to search. Be fair to 'new' searchers!
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby ksouthall » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:06 am

I watched the Una Stubbs episode again and tried to find out a bit more about Joe Horsfall to see if there could have been a connection between him and Eliza Robinson.

Joe was born in Shelf near Halifax in about 1851/2. He was the son of John Horsfall and Lydia Boothroyd. John Horsfall was a dyer. His father was Joseph Horsfall, a weaver. Lydia Boothroyd's father was Joseph Boothroyd, also a dyer. John and Lydia married in Kirkheaton, Yorkshire on 25th December 1839.

Joe Horsfall was living with his parents at the time of the 1861 census. He was a ten year old scholar.
By 1871, Joe had been placed in a school for the blind in York. Something must have led to his blindness between 1861 and 1871. There may be records of his admission to the school in York if anyone has access to find out.

Joe Horsfall married Mary Hannah Harper in York in 1875.

I can't see a direct link to Eliza Robinson but I guess it is possible there was a paid arrangement for the Horsfall's to take in Annie. I have not been able to find out much about Eliza Robinson. It is possible she died or married after Annie was born.
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Re: Una Stubbs' episode

Postby 2012girl » Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:02 pm

Very interesting info about the Horsfall's. Identifying Eliza Robinson is tricky. There are no obvious Eliza's in York in 1881, but there are a few Elizabeth's which are possibilities.

There are no deaths in York for an Eliza/beth Robinson between 1885 and the 1891 census (Annie's DOB was 11.11.1884) but there are 2 marriages:

Eliza Robinson m Francis Fieldhouse, Mar 1885 (can't locate them in 1891)
Elizabeth Robinson m Thomas Coates, Dec 1887 (living in York with 2 young daughters in 1891)

There is an unmarried Elizabeth Robinson in 1891, age 28, born Ruswarp, a Domestic Servant to William Crow, a butcher on Walmgate. She is also in York in 1881, age 18, a servant to William Ventriss, an engine driver living on Kyme Street. These 2 addresses are close to Penley's Grove Street where Annie was born, so she could be a candidate.

In regards to the Horsfall's adopting her. Townend Street, where the family are living in 1891, runs directly on from Penley's Grove Street where Annie was born, so perhaps they were close neighbours?

I presume the researchers couldn't identify Eliza for certain? When asked by Una when Annie was adopted they said they didn't know. I realise the show is edited and they celebrities are given more info than what is shown, but perhaps a brief mention of being unable to trace Eliza, if that were the case, would help viewers understand why Annie was adopted.
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