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Niccoletta Scarizza - Domljan Katalinic-Italian Citizenship

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Niccoletta Scarizza - Domljan Katalinic-Italian Citizenship

Postby Yeye101 » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:39 am

My family name originally is Cattalinich. I know that by researching my family - paternal family line.
Interesting is that at first I didn't have death certificate of my grand grandfather Dragomir Katalinic. After I found out the place of death of my grand grandfather I saw that year of birth on death certificate doesn't match the year of birth in certificate I had from Domljan Katalinic. I had wrong certificate because archivist which works in city archive in Spalato have told me it has to be my ancestor because "who else can be born in that year 1869 in Castel Nuovo if not Domljan". My grand grandfather Dragomir and Domljan are born in the same year 1869 in Castel Nuovo, Spalato but Domljan is born 18.04.1869 and Dragomir 05.09.1869. It seems lady archivist doubted if searched "book" further that she would found more persons with Cattalinich - Cattalinic - Katalinic surname.
There are altogether seven Castello which surrounds city Split (It. Spalato) in Dalmatia, Republic of Croatia.
I found out about that mistake and in the meantime I have found out that Domljan was son of Niccoletta Scarizza and Steffano Cattalinic. I am speaking about persons I researched who are not my family not knowing certainly until I found my grand grandfather Dragomir death certificate. Then I was certain that Domljan was not my grand grandfather. Maybe my ancestor Giovanni Cattalinich and Steffano Cattalinic are related but I don't have any written proves about that.
Italian Citizenship!?
I am in contact with attorney Luigi Paiano in Bologna, Italy - regard my application for Italian citizenship Jus Sanguinis. Interesting is that the Nationality law which was before known that persons claiming Italian citizenship couldn't win on court of justice if persons Italian maternal ancestor was born before 1948. Luigi Paiano is the only attorney in Italy which have prove on the highest Italian court that is discrimination that Italian women can not pass right for citizenship to her descendants. On his website are more then 100 successful Jus Sanguinis cases persons claiming Italian citizenship - regardless - was Italian ancestor male or female - without any discrimination. One quote from website: "Now we have very good chances of winning the trial against the Italian government since the Italian judges must take into consideration the legal precedents set: 100 % of my clients trials were won."
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Re: Nicoletta Scarizza - Domljan Katalinic - Italian Citize

Postby Yeye101 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:58 pm

Niccoletta Scarizza - BORN 29.03.1842 in Castel Vecchio - Split (Spalato), Dalmatia, Republic of Croatia. The documents I have are all written on Italian language originaly and stamped from City Archive in Split. With archive in Split I was lot's of time in contact.
The year 1861 when Italy became officially Republic of Italia is also discrimination (regard persons right to Italian citizenship Jus Sanguinis) which most court in Italy today bypass as irrelevant. Italy has it's name from time Etruscan era started 800 BC. Modern historian have accepted that fact. So common sense questions was Domenico Ghirlandaio Italian of course he was.
Parents of Niccoletta Scarizza - father : Ignazio Scarizza - born Castel Vecchio - Split 17.09.1813 from father Scarizza Giorgio and mother Puglias Giovanna
mother :Maria Piglich - born Castel Vecchio - Split 30.09.1814 from father Piglich Giacomo and mother Ivassovich Vincenzza
Niccoletta Scarizza was married with Steffano Cattalinic and their son was Domljan Katalinic.
Domljan was born 18.04.1869 in Castel Nuovo, Spalato.
Steffano Cattalinic - father : Antonio Cattalinic - mother : Paolina Melada - Cattolico - Negoziante.
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