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Downloading magazine content

Whether you've enjoyed a recent issue of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine or have a query about the bonus content, let us know

Downloading magazine content

Postby kimmieto » Sun May 26, 2013 6:56 pm

I have just got round to reading four of the magazines, received since Christmas, (and have now missed some of the bonus content). I see on the letter page of one of the magazines, that some have had difficulty with the bonus content downloads.

I too have had this issue, even most of the documents that I downloaded previously will now not open on my computer.

Would it not be possible to provide all the downloadable content on a disk, like the one that went out with the magazine, for those of us that have difficulties like this. I have tried hard to resolve it using any instructions you have issued but to no avail.

I notice that the chart you gave away free in one of the issues is now available to purchase. Could this not be done with the bonus content? I am sure, like me, if someone knew that they needed the information they would happily buy it. And it would solve a lot of problems for people like myself who now have loads of content on their laptop that just won't open.

It would also be available for those that buy the back issues and would like the bonus content on a particular area Kim :?
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Re: Downloading magazine content

Postby Jon Bauckham » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:09 pm

Hi Kim,

Sorry to hear you have been having trouble with the bonus content. As other users on this forum will be able to testify, we did have a whole host of problems with our server between December and February.

Not only did it make downloading content incredibly slow (almost impossible), but it left quite a few files corrupted. This has all now been fixed, and content from the past seven or eight issues has now 'migrated' to a new server. I've also temporarily lifted the 'three-month rule' so that people can catch up with the downloads. I've gone from receiving about 40-50 complaints per month to just two or three!

Although I know it's a bit of a pain, it would be great if you could try re-downloading the content you need - everything should hopefully work now! If you're having any trouble with the instructions, you can always drop me an email or call me on (+44) 0117 314 7379.

We're not really in a position to sell old bonus content on its own, but it's an interesting idea. A lot of our content is actually provided by companies such as Anguline Research Archives and Your Old Books & Maps, so you can purchase some directories from them directly.

Hope that helps!

All the best,
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