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Northumberland Militia

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Northumberland Militia

Postby DaveH » Fri May 17, 2013 5:59 am

In 1877 my grandfather - Anthony SKIPSEY - joined the army (Royal Artillery) in NEWCASTLE on TYNE. Before that he had been a member of the NORTHUMBERLAND MILITIA (Artillery). He was almost 20 when he joined the army, so perhaps he was in the Northumberland Militia sometime between 1871 and 1877. Does anyone know of any muster lists or any other information that might help identify his place of birth (possibly GATESHEAD) please? Dave Hutchings
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby ColinB » Fri May 17, 2013 9:33 am

Anthony Skipsey's service record gives his birthplace as St Andrews , Newcastle. I can find him on the 1881 census with this information but not on earlier censuses , as I suspect you have found. There is an 1871 census record for Anthony Skipsey in the Gateshead workhouse which could be him and their is a family in 1861 which I've been looking at :
Anthony Skipsey
Estimated Birth Year:
abt 1857
Where born:
Gateshead, Durham, England
Civil Parish:

Ecclesiastical parish:
St Mary
Household Members:
Mary Combey head wid 73
William Salmon son in law
Catha Combey Salmon 23
Ann Skipsey 13
Willm Skipsey 11
Anthony Skipsey 4

I can see only one possible birth registration for Anthony Skipsey and I would consider ordering the certificate if you have not already done so : Jun 1857 Gateshead , Durham 10a 542. IN addition there are images from the Durham Bishop's Transcripts on family search , including the parish of St Andrews Newcastle - it might be worth a trawl through those , and finally , do you have the marriage certificate and what does it say for Anthony's father's name ?

This doesn't answer your question about the Militia records. They don't appear to be on FMP as I would have expected.

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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby sdup26 » Fri May 17, 2013 11:11 am

The only birth registration I can find for an Anthony Skipsey from 1855-1862 is this one: Anthony Skipsey June Quarter 1857 Gateshead 10a 542

I’ve looked at the Army records of Anthony Skipsey born about 1858, who was attested into the Royal Artillery 22/1/1877. He states that his parish of birth is St Andrews, Newcastle, Northumberland, which is about two miles from Gateshead.
He gives his next of kin as brother William in London. This has been crossed out, and ‘wife, Mary Ann nee Burge’ has been added. Mary Ann is ‘with husband’ and the address is Norfolk Place, Landport, Portsmouth. There is a marriage certificate for Anthony and Mary Ann among his records, Holy Trinity, Southampton, January 1888, but I can’t find a matching marriage in the GRO indexes or Army marriages. In the 1891 census for Newcastle, Anthony (transcribed as Anty) says he was born Gateshead, Durham, and on the 1901 census for Hampshire, he says he was born Gateshead, Durham. (In 1911, Mary Ann is a widow, living in Landport, Portsmouth. One of her sons is Thomas Anthony, who sadly died in action in 1914, having been awarded the Medale Militaire, but you probably have that information.)

As Anthony named a brother called William, I tried the census for 1861, and at 102 Borough Road, Gateshead, there’s Anthony aged 4 (b1857), William aged 11 (1850) and Ann 13 (1848), all born Gateshead, and living with Mary Comby, widow. Anthony is listed as her son-in-law, but possibly grandson?? I can’t find another Anthony born the right year, with a brother William. But if you send for his birth certificate, you should get his parents’ names, making such searching more reliable.
Hope this helps.
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby DaveH » Fri May 17, 2013 1:38 pm

Many thanks for your reply. Have followed those lines and am really looking for any information that would clarify Anthony's true parentage. Have those certificates, but the 1861 census is the confusing area (shows two Anthony SKIPSEY's).
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby sdup26 » Fri May 17, 2013 2:32 pm

Sorry, I'm not clear what you mean - you say you 'have those certificates' - which ones? There seems to be only one Anthony Skipsey birth registration around the right year (JuneQ 1857 Gateshead 10a 542) Do you mean you already have that birth certificate? If not, you should risk a tenner on sending for it.

It's true there are 2 Anthony Skipseys in the 1861 Census for Gateshead. One entry shows a William Skipsey, widower, coal miner, born Newcastle, with one son, Anthony, b1858 in Gateshead. In 1871, they're both in Gateshead Union Workhouse. The other Anthony is with Ann and William Skipsey, probably his siblings, in the household of Mary Comby in 1871. As Anthony's Army Records say he had a brother called William, the second is the more likely.
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby meekhcs » Fri May 17, 2013 4:38 pm

Is it possible that this is one and the same? I have evidence in my own tree whereby a person has been listed at 2 separate abodes. Perhaps he normally resided at one,but it so happened at the time of the census that he was visiting the other, and so ended up being recorded twice. If the birth cert lists William as his Father and his mothers maiden name as Comby that would answer the question, so I agree purchasing the birth cert would be money well spent.
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby 2012girl » Fri May 17, 2013 6:17 pm

I've had a look further back for this Comby family and the family relationships are a bit difficult to fathom:

1841 - High Street, Gateshead

Mary Comby 45
Isabella Comby 25
Catherine Comby 3
Elizabeth Comby 1
Catherine Carter 56

1851 - High Street, Gateshead

Mary Comby, Head, Unmarried, 58, Washerwoman
John Comby, Brother, 64
Isabella Comby, Daughter, Unmarried, 34
Catherine Comby, Daughter, 13
Elizabeth Comby, Daughter, 10
Ann Comby, Daughter, 4
William Comby, Son, 7 months

1861 census as previously mentioned.

Presumably Isabella is Mary's daughter, but there doesn't appear to be a father figure on the scene on any of these census returns so who is the father of all these children, do some of them belong to Isabella? Ann & William are both named as Comby in 1851, yet Skipsey in 1861. And then who did Anthony belong to? A few questions to answer with this family...

I think you need to clarify which certificates you have and what details they provide, as sdup26 said, the mention of a brother William would seem to match up with the Anthony Skipsey living with this Comby family.

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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby DaveH » Sat May 18, 2013 6:19 am

To all who have replied - thank you very much. I hold the following certificates:-
Birth of Anthony SKIPSEY 1857 - GATESHEAD - Fa. = William SKIPSEY Mo. = Isabella formerly SMITH
Birth of William SKIPSEY 1850 - GATESHEAD - Fa. = William SKIPSEY Mo. = Isabella formerly SMITH.
Cannot find a marriage SKIPSEY/SMITH, SKIPSEY/COMB(E)Y or COMB(E)Y/SMITH Thinking that perhaps Isabella was "married" to SMITH prior to her "marriage" to William SKIPSEY and that the original surname was missed off both certificates - possibly not disclosed to the Registrar.
I have downloaded Anthony's army record from Find My Past and it is this that indicates his previous militia service. After Anthony joins the army I have all the necessary records to prove he is my maternal grandfather. Other information which is still to be followed up is the admission to and discharge from Gateshead Union Workhouse. In 1868 Anthony is probably in GATESHEAD as there is an article in the Newcastle Guardian and Tyne Mercury on the 25 April 1868 about a boy - Anthony SKIPSEY - who stole some money and was sentenced to 10 stripes and 14 days imprisonment. There is also evidence (from the I.G.I.) of christening of William SKIPSEY in GATESHEAD on 15 September 1850 and of an Anne SKIPSEY being christened in GATESHEAD on 28 March 1857 (10 years after she was born). These christenings I hope to be able to find in a local LDS History centre here where I live on the south coast of Hampshire.

Again many thanks for the help so willingly given
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby meekhcs » Sat May 18, 2013 9:34 am

Had a quick look on Ancestry and found the following
There is a death for an Isabella Skipsey 1860 j-m Gateshead 10a 320 so I think the first name is correct.

Marriage between William Skipsey and Isabella Crowder 1847 Auckland j-m 24 7
Marriage between George Crowder and Isabella Eales 1838 Auckland a-j 24 7 - yes the refs are the same

The 2 marriages may have nothing to do with each other but I cannot get back to an Isabella Smith and this is the only link I can find.

Possibly Isabella was either Isabella Eales or Isabella Crowder and took the name Smith because she wanted to hide something in her past. The fact she and William married in the same reg district would seem to preclude the option that she just left her possible first husband. So an investigation into Isabella Crowder or Isabella Eales may find something.

As Jill said in a previous post I don't think this is a straightforward case and you may never be able to unravel it but just follow every lead however tenuous, our forebears could be quite a devious bunch!
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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby meekhcs » Sat May 18, 2013 11:54 am

I have had a further look at this.
I tried to find the 1851 census for William and Isabella and unsurprisingly I was unable to find anything under the name of Skipsey, but I did find a family by the name of Smith in Gateshead, possibly in Charles Street!

William Smith 31 a cooper born Wolsingham Durham
Isabella Smith 25 born Newcastle
Elizabeth 6 born Newcastle
Isabella 2 born Newcastle
William 3 weeks?
Does any of this fit in with details you already know? What was William's occupation on the birth certs?
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