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Northumberland Militia

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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby 2012girl » Sat May 18, 2013 12:39 pm

Taking a look at William Skipsey (senior)...

1841 census - High Street, Gateshead (same street as the Comby family)

Joseph Skipsey, 70, Pitman
Anthony Skipsey, 30, Engineer
William Skipsey, 25, Pitman
Hannah Skipsey, 60
Margaret Skipsey, 2

1851 census - Moulds Yard, Gateshead

Hannah Skipsey, Head - Widow, 74, Housekeeper
William Skipsey, Son - Unmarried, 33, Coal Miner

1861 census - Parkins Yard, High Street, Gateshead

William Skipsey, Head, Widower, 46, Coal Miner
Anthony Skipsey, Son, 3
Jane Butler (hard to make this surname out) Mother In Law, 84

From the birthplace this is the William Skipsey who is in the workhouse with young Anthony in 1871. But I can see your confusion in trying to fathom this out. A few questions...

1. Are these 2 Anthony Skipsey's the same person entered twice on the census due to the parents seemingly living separately?

2. I wonder if Anthony's parents were William Skipsey & Isabella Comby but they never married? This, of course, doesn't explain the mother's maiden name of Smith....

Here's something interesting though, the birth registration of Ann Skipsey:

Ann Skipsey SMITH, Gateshead, Jun 1847, 24, 151

I would be tempted to order this certificate to see what details it gives, but as Ann in living with the Comby's in 1851 surely Isabella Comby must have something to do with this Isabella Smith business?

There's a 10 year delay in baptising Ann, and she and William (junior) despite him being registered and baptised as SKIPSEY, are both living with the unmarried Isabella COMBY in 1851, at which point William Skipsey (senior) is at home with his mother and still described as a bachelor.

I would also be looking into the death certificate for Isabella SKIPSEY as mentioned by Sally, as Isabella COMBY does not appear on the 1861 census.

Lots to get to grips with with this family it seems!

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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby meekhcs » Sat May 18, 2013 1:32 pm

I realise I have thrown a few different suggestions into the pot but I agree with Jill that the connection with Isabella Comby is the most likely, and I would suggest you follow this angle up first before looking at the possibilities I have given you. It may mean you have to spend a little money to untangle this family but in these circumstances it is sensible to exhaust one possibility thoroughly before setting off down a different avenue, otherwise things can get very confusing. If the Comby Family doesn't give you your answer then I have given you other ideas to pursue.

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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby 2012girl » Sat May 18, 2013 3:18 pm

I don't think Mary Comby (Isabella's mother) ever married herself. There is a baptism 4 Jan 1801 (born 23 Apr 1794) Gateshead which would seem to fit. The Catherine Carter living with her in 1841 is her sister (baptised 2 Jan 1785)

Perhaps Mr 'Smith' was Isabella's real father and that's where she took the name from? Are Catherine & Elizabeth Comby who are living with the family in 1841 also her children? Maybe Mr 'Smith' was the man she had children with before she got together with William Skipsey? As I previously mentioned there are quite a few children but a lack of a father figure with this family.

Elizabeth Comby is aged 1 in 1841 but there doesn't seem to be a birth registration for her, there is however one for an Elizabeth SMITH, Mar 1840, Gateshead

I do think you're going to have to go around the houses with this one to try and unravel it as it doesn't seem straightforward at all. As Sally said, it may mean having to order up some certificates to see what you can piece together, but I think both William Skipsey & Isabella Comby are both worth investigating further as there does seem to be a link there.

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Re: Northumberland Militia

Postby stpud2011 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 10:18 am

img270.jpg (264.52 KiB) Viewed 756 times


I am sure that this photo is not related to your family but I thought you might be interested in it as it depicts a Northumberland Artillary Volunteer from around the same time. If anyone might know where could find out if any archives exist for this regiment and maybe more old photos please let me know.

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