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Where to Find Birth Certificate

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Where to Find Birth Certificate

Postby XDC103 » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:25 pm

My Great grandmother is Alice Murphy who married a serving soldier Richard Churchill in on 07/02/1885 in Wexford Ireland. Family history claimed she was 14 when she married and as she was Irish Roman Catholic and he was English Protestant there was a difficult situation

I was able to follow Alice and Richard Churchill through the census and it was noticed that Alice regularly gave her place of birth as Australia. This was presumed to be to prevent any issue from being Irish whilst in Barracks during the ‘Irish Troubles’. It was also presumed that as she was Irish any chance of tracing her ancestors would be difficult due to the destruction of the national records.

I have now discovered that she is in fact the daughter of Edward Murphy a serving soldier in the 18th Royal Irish Regiment of Foot. He and his wife Catherine Murphy had four children whilst he was serving in the Australia and New Zealand

James Patrick Murphy b 1863 New Zealand
Mary Anne Murphy b 1867 New Zealand
Alice Murphy b 1868 Australia
Catherine Theresa Murphy b 1870 Australia

The 1871 census shows them all in Devonport Barracks

My question is where would I find Alice Murphy’s birth certificate or any record of her birth? She is the daughter of Irish parents born in Australia in British Army Barracks.

I have the full service history of Richard Churchill but have yet to go to GRO to get Edward Murphy’s military service history
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Re: Where to Find Birth Certificate

Postby clarksclerks » Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:19 am

I checked Australian births for late 1860s on Ancestry and although there were several Alice Murphys none of them had a father called Edward. I then went to Find My Past and they have an extract from GRO Army Chaplains Birth Indices (1796 to 1880), p. 273, for an Alice Murphy born 1868-1869 in Hobart Town. I'm sure there was an army garrison in Hobart so that sounds promising. I don't know where to get a certificate but I would try the GRO and TNA.

Good luck
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Re: Where to Find Birth Certificate

Postby ColinB » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:04 am

Chaplains' Certs are ordered from GRO. See the help pages : ... o_know.asp

Scroll down to Q5 What info will I see in an Overseas Index ? and then to Chaplains' Births

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