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1861 Industrial Change

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1861 Industrial Change

Postby Carol Ann » Sun Feb 24, 2008 1:36 am

My paternal family were from Pembokeshire, in South Wales, some farmers some had a trade such as masonry and carpentry. I found most of the young people of the family, after some difficulty, in 1861 all living in one house in the new port and industrial town of 'Briton Ferry', many miles away, in Glamorganshire. They had moved for a short period of time 'on mass' to earn money in industry, which they took back to the green pastures of their birth. None of them stayed in the industrial area, as they were all back home by 1871, owning new properties and more land; this included one daughter who was married to a 'publican and taylor', who by the next census had opened an Inn, also in Pembrokeshire. So it would seem that not all people suffered in the Industrial revolution, mine, it would seem took the money and ran back home with it.
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