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Issue with deceasedonline website

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Issue with deceasedonline website

Postby Dene Fisher » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:31 pm

Just thought I'd share my findings with regards to the above website as mentioned in the Jan issue.

Out of three grave searches that I carried out, two of them were transcribed incorrectly leading me on a couple of wild goose chases (and costing me more credits than I really wanted to use) trying to link previously unknown names into my family tree.

To be fair the records that were transcribed correctly did confirm some earlier research and found the details of a missing infant that I knew about but couldn't put a name to so I suppose I shouldn't grumble too much but the errors that I came across were pretty basic.
In the first instance, the person on the line below my relative had been added to the transcript instead of him and in the second, an 'E' had been read as a 'C' in the grave details but the actual grave number was also different so should really have been spotted.

I guess my experience just goes to prove that we should always check and double check our research?

Dene Fisher
Dene Fisher
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Re: Issue with deceasedonline website

Postby Chadwi » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:28 am

I just wanted to share the fact that my experience with DeceasedOnline has been somewaht better. Yes, there are some transcription errors, but when it cost me credits pushing me in the wrong direction, I contacted them and they refunded me without any fuss. Commendable customer service.
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