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"Oil and Colour dealer"

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"Oil and Colour dealer"

Postby ray1dunn » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:57 pm

Issue 70 for Feb 2013 Page 45 about an 'oilman' suggests that an "oil and colour dealer" sells linseed oil for artists and decorators as well as oil. Sketches by Boz, by Charles Dickens (1836) - Characters - Chapter 9 notes that "Mr. Augustus Cooper was in the oil and colour line" but does not go on to discuss this.

If you type "oil and colour dealer" into google, some people are described as "oil colour dealer", others as "grocer, oil and colour dealer" or "spirit and oil and colour dealer" - one as "grocer, glass, oil and colour dealer". A spirit dealer is in the licensed victualler trade and the research I did a couple of years ago suggested that an "oil and colour dealer" was likewise involved in the licensed victualling trade and that a "oil colour dealer" was in the paint manufacturing trade, mixing and selling pigmented paints. If you change the spelling to 'color' you also get one person shown as an "oil and color dealer and druggist"

My great x3 uncle, having, it seems, lost his butchers shop and servants he becomes an "oil and colour dealer". Other relatives were in the victualling trade but one relative of his wife was an "oil dealer" and that does not help either. I am still not wholly convinced that all "oil and colour " dealers are as described in WDYTYA. Can anyone help?...
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