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RASC HT 29 Res Park

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RASC HT 29 Res Park

Postby Lindaand4boys » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:23 pm

My grandfather Reginald Henry Baker was in the RASC HT 29 Res Park and posted to Salonica from September 1916 to November 1919. Is there any way of finding out what he did there? Are there any diaries etc. I have seen lists of RASC companies, indicating which ones served with other groups but can find no mention of 29. Any advice would help.
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Re: RASC HT 29 Res Park

Postby woolybully » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:35 pm


I highly recommend The Long, Long Trail website for your WWI research.

I have found on that site that HT appears to refer to "Horse Transport", I take it you know RASC is the Army Service Corps (Royal prefix granted late in 1918).

Interestingly, 29 Company is not listed as a HT Reserve Park company. shows that 29 Company was in the Divisional Train of 3rd Division, a starting point to review their war would be "One of the first British formations to move to France, the 3rd Division remained on the Western Front throughout the war."

As some of the above doesn't seem to tie in with your info I wonder if your Grandfather transferred between units; this possibly being how he got to Salonika? Just a thought. If they survived, his record of service should show this (if available, these should be in ancestry, TNA ref is WO363 - "burnt records")

Poke around in this website; see what you can find.

Hope all this helps
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