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20-year rule

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20-year rule

Postby junkers » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:24 pm

Whilst the introduction of the 20-year rule seems a good thing some departments have not met the 30-year rule and the estimates of files to be released is not 100% but based on the departments meeting this target and the departments who fail to meet the targets will be published.The critical issue of dealing with two years records in one year is complicated and has not been tried since 1972 when the release of the Second World War records occurred and whether a lot of the records will be with-held as the politicians may still be in politics and excluse 'Royal' files and the Security Services (who are covered by other legislation). The key test is about the release of the Falklands War papers at the end of this year and whether some of the information will (probably) not be released. It should be remembered that we are still waiting for the soldiers' records from the First World War for those soldiers who served after 1920 which include my grandfather who died over 40 years ago.
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