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Jewish Ancestors

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Jewish Ancestors

Postby gaffer » Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:15 pm

I was interested in the June Brown episode from the last series, and it tied in with a query I have. I understand that Jews were forbidden to live in Britain for several centuries. I have been tracing my family back and in the 1680s I have a family of Abrahams or Abrams. I would imagine this surname is of Jewish origin but I am wondering whether the family would have come to this country sometime in the 1600s or whether the name and family had become Anglicised before the expulsion and therefore allowed to remain here. Does anyone have any thoughts or information on this? Does anyone know of a book concerning the expulsion? The family names seem to be John, Isaac and the splendidly named Hercules.Any help or advice would be welcome.
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