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King's Certificate or Honourable Discharge Certificate ?

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King's Certificate or Honourable Discharge Certificate ?

Postby doddie » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:51 pm

I have come across a certificate issued to my late grandfather in the aftermath of the First World War. I am trying to establish whether it is a King's Certificate that he may have received in conjunction with his Silver War Badge or a seperate Hounarable Discharge certificate. The certificate is rather impressive (with elements of colour). It is A3 in size and has the following wording: "No S/32166 George Jackson Stewart Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders" (which is handwritten). Then printed is, "Served with honour and was disabled in the Great War. Honourably discharged on 19-5-19" (the date is handwritten). The graphic element of the certificate consists of two soldiers standing with their rifles held in front of them on the left and the figure of Brittania(?) on the right. Above is what I presume to be the royal crest ("Dieu et Mon Droit"). I am of the opinion that it is my grandfather's King's Certificate as it is signed George R J at the bottom. Any possible uncertainty lies in the fact that my grandfather also received a standard discharge form from the War Office. I am tring to ascertain whether the Kings Certificate - if indeed that is what it is - and the one he received with his Silver War Badge are one and the same or is this large certificate, as described above, a stand alone document in its own right.



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