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Annie Lennox's episode

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Re: Annie Lennox's episode

Postby Blackcat » Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:21 pm

Have only just caught up on this, as it had been recorded while I was on holiday.

I wonder if someone has already mentioned the wonderful information available on the Canmore website (Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland) about Tomintoul farmhouse, on the slopes of Morrone,near Braemar?
[, then follow links to photographs]

As well as photographs of the exterior, there are lots of pics of the now-derelict interior, showing a 'hanging lum', and a box bed recess. Quite spectacularly, someone of a later vintage than Isabella McHardy has wallpapered most of the walls and ceilings with old newspapers, magazines and books - probably in an attempt at insulation! If you haven't already seen this, it's well worth a look.
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Re: Annie Lennox's episode

Postby phantomsteve2007 » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:04 am

I am slowly catching up with the episodes (shift work means lots of programs to catch up on!), and have just seen this one.

I enjoyed it a lot (although not as much as Patrick Stewart's), but as has been mentioned here, there were two assumptions made which I did not think were accurate:

* "Mrs Cruinkshaw" being the solicitor's sister - if there were no other women with that surname who could have been the one who "used" the child, then that should have been mentioned ("We think this is likely to be the same woman, as we cannot find another one in the town"), otherwise it should have been stated that there were other Mrs Cs, but this one being related would make it more likely that it was the same woman. The program basically said "this is the same woman", when there is no direct evidence, just a case of "what are the odds?" and "This feels right"

* "until no further use" - there is no evidence that she was "got rid of" - this was kind of mentioned, but could have been more forcefully made ("We do not know exactly what she was doing, or how long she was there") - she could have been with Mrs C until she was 16, and being quite happy!

* The program basically said that Mr Rose the solicitor was ignoring his daughter and her family - however, there was no evidence shown/mentioned that he had any dealings with her at any time in her life. He could have walked past her in the street, looked her in the eye even, and not know who she was.

As an amateur genealogist, I know there are times where "best fit/best guess" is needed - but I do think that the program should spend those extra few seconds explaining that this is the case. We do make assumptions, but this should be mentioned both to the viewers, and more importantly to the celeb!

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Re: Annie Lennox's episode

Postby NEScot » Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:02 pm

The 'close' in Banff which was shown in the programme was not, in fact, the address where Jessie's family lived. It was used simply as the one remaining example of a 'close' in the town. Their address in 1851 was Carmelite Street Close, the location of the town's Poor House, which can be seen on the 25" OS map for the period, but not described as such in the census record.
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