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WW2 Photos with names on reverse.

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WW2 Photos with names on reverse.

Postby Angel » Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:06 pm

My dad was in the Royal Berkshire Regt. in WW2. He was at D. Day and went through France, Belguim & Germany. He kept just about every bit of paper he was issued with and many photos. I used to enjoy going through them with him and pretty well know all the names of his army friends in the photos but after his death I found some in a different box to the one I knew. They have intrigued me for a long time now and wondered if anyone can throw any light on them. There are seven photos in all. Some are of British servicemen somewhere in Europe, a couple are of a memorial ceremony and a few are of German servicemen. Some of them have names on the reverse that I do not regognise. One odd thing is that 3 of them have the number 969 and the `velox` brand so that they apppear to me to have been printed together and probably in England although one of them appears to be of Germans. I attach the `German` one with the reverse.
Any ideas?
Yours Angel.
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Re: WW2 Photos with names on reverse.

Postby Angel » Sat Aug 11, 2012 8:48 pm

I think I may have solved my own `mystery`. Amongst my dad`s war-time souvenirs there is a type-written piece of paper titled CINEMA TICKETS. It`s from when he was in the Signals regiment so the names are different to the ones on the back of the photos but I now wonder if the purpose may have been the same. He could have been the soldier that got the names and ordered tickets for entertainment after D-Day when they were in France, Belgium etc.
He may have collected any photos that others did not want so that the back could be used for soldiers to sign their name if they wanted tickets etc.. After all these photos are very small (about 3x2 inches) and would fit nicely into a breast pocket. The German pictures could have been on a part used film that was taken from a prisoner as other pictures on that film are of British soldiers. Mind you here my theory falls down as I think this film was processed in England.
Also I do not understand why they are numbered (in red at the top) Although I am now pretty sure that the numbering was done by my dad.
I think I`ll put them back in their box now and forget about them for another few years.
Yours Angel
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