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MARGARET COSH - Newcastle Upon Tyne - MUGSHOT

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MARGARET COSH - Newcastle Upon Tyne - MUGSHOT

Postby a-s-e » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:52 am

Margaret Cosh, 15, who had no previous convictions, was given two months hard labour for stealing a coat.


2nd July 1832 - John Cosh marries Margaret Patterson

Baptism - 7th Sept 1833 - Charles Cosh John & Margaret Cosh - Rewcastle Chare - Engineman
Baptism - 22nd Sept 1834 - John cosh John & Margaret Cosh - Quay - Waterman
Baptism - 24th Oct 1836 - Henry Cosh John & Margaret Cosh - Quay - Engineman
Baptism - 2nd March 1845 - George Cosh John & Margaret Cosh - Newgate Street - Engine Wrt

1851 Census
John Cook 1813 Head Engineman
Margart Cook 1817 Wife Enginemans Wife
John Cook 1836 Son Scholar
George Cook 1845 Son Scholar
Jane Cook 1851 Daug Juvenile

Charles & Henry missing from the census

Mar 1/4 1858 - Margaret Cosh born - Newcastle Tyne 10b 59

1861 Census - Living at 39 Millers Hill, N-U-T
John Cash 1813 Head Engine Driver
Margaret Cash 1817 Wife
George Cash 1846 Son Cooper Apprentice
Jean Cash 1852 Daug Scholar
Joseph Cash 1856 Son Scholar
Margaret Cash 1858 Daug Scholar

1871 Census - Living at Millers Hill, N-U-T
John Cosh 1813 Head Engineman
Margaret Cosh 1815 Wife
George Cosh 1845 Son Cooper
Joseph Cosh 1855 Son Smith
Margaret Cosh 1857 Daug Juvenile

Jane / Jean is missing from the census - died / married ?

1873 - Margaret is in prison

1873 Sept 1/4 - Margaret Cosh dies aged 62

1881 Census - Not found yet

Mar 1/4 1883 - Margaret Cosh Marries William Fairney - Newcastle T - 10b 229

1891 Cenus - 12 Nelson Street - Gateshead, Durham
William fairney 1857 Head General Labourer
Margaret Fairney 1857 Wife
William Fairney 1882 Son Scholar

Jun 1/4 1899 - William Fairney Dies

Thats all I have at the moment - will update if I find anymore....
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Margaret Cosh, 15, who had no previous convictions, was given two months hard labour for stealing a coat.
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Re: MARGARET COSH - Newcastle Upon Tyne - MUGSHOT

Postby Sylcec » Tue Jul 17, 2012 11:22 am

Thanks for posting this. Poor little Margaret - she barely looks even 15 in the photo. Was she one of your family members, or just a chance find in the archives?

I was interested in the variety of spellings of their names that you found in the censuses - and of course I couldn't help myself, but had to look them all up. Ancestry seems to have them indexed as COSH in 1851, 1861 and 1871.

In 1881, I have found George Cosh with a wife Jane, but they are enumerated as KOSH.
there was a Joseph Cosh of the right age, but he was a hawker in the Workhouse and Blind - so may not be the same man. However, like you, I have not yet managed to find father John nor young Margaret.

PS (on edit) - I think that John also died before 1881 census, on freeBMD:
Deaths Mar 1879 Cosh, John 68 Newcastle T. 10b 30
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Re: MARGARET COSH - Newcastle Upon Tyne - MUGSHOT

Postby a-s-e » Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:14 am

Hi Sylvia

No, Margaret is not a relation of mine.

I came across her photo after looking at the Daily Mail link supplied on help with your research a few weeks ago by phsvm and thought it'd be interesting to see if I could build up abit of a picture about one or two of them now that I'd seen their photo's.

You should have a look if you haven't done already, it's really interesting. The poor children look so young to be being sent off to prison and a couple of the adults look quite scarey !!

From the main page link there is another link to the childrens and then off the childrens page there is a link to the ones in Dorset.

Sadly I've had no time to look any further since then, been so busy but I'll def look at what you found as soon as I have a spare few minutes.......

Interesting that Ancestary has them as Cosh constantly - I used Genes..
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