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Bumpstead family

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Bumpstead family

Postby calvinator » Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:11 am

I have a Mary Ann Bumpstead from Bramford Suffolk who married a Henry Sillett in 1826. From all the information I've gathered I believe she was born in 1807 but baptised a while later alongside a brother Robert in 1820. If this is the case she would be the daughter on William and Elizabeth.
Going back on parish records there are other children linked to William and Elizabeth who were baptised closer to the birth dates - whilst they may be related or cousins I'm wondering if anybody has come across family relatives where there is a delay in baptising children later in the marriage?
Two possible marriages that i have for a William and Elizabeth have given one in 1789 in Offton and one in 1812 in Clayson - would it be possible that the reason for my delay would be because they were born out of wedlock?
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Re: Bumpstead family

Postby Sylcec » Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:46 am

From the census enumerators sheets, it would seem that Mary Ann was born around 1808-1811. She was shown as 35 in June 1841, but ages were rounded down to the nearest 5, so she could have been as much as 39, which would have her born 1802! In 1861 she claims 50, which suggests a birth in 1810 (or 1811), and in 1851 - her age is firstly NK, then with '40' added. By 1871 she is shown as 67 a widow on parish relief, giving a likely birth as 1803 or 1804. Finally in 1881 she is 75, suggesting 1805 or 1806 as a birth year! The truth looks like anyone's guess!!

I have found the entry in Family Search from the Parish Register for Bramford, which shows Mary Ann Bumpstead as being born 1 May 1807 but baptised 21 May 1820, parents William & Elizabeth. While it is possible that she may have been born before her parents married, it is equally likely that her parents may have been religious non-conformists (or indeed non-religious) at the time she was born, and did not follow the practice of infant baptism. At the age of 13, Mary Ann would have been old enough to make the decision herself to take baptismal vows - there are all sorts of variations on this reasoning. (I have similar cases in my late mother's family throughout the 19th century).

As for the two marriages of a William Bumpstead to an Elizabeth - both William and Elizabeth were very commonly used names, so these could be a father and son both marrying an Elizabeth, or even a remarriage by a widowed father to another woman of the same name as his first wife. Alternatively, they could be completely unrelated couples!! However, for what its worth, on consulting Phillimore's Atlas, I note that Claydon is nearer Bramford than is Offton, though neither are far away.

Good hunting!
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