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No more Cover CD's - not happy!

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Re: No more Cover CD's - not happy!

Postby ritah » Sun Apr 15, 2012 2:29 pm

I have read these posts with interest and agree that cover CD's are a useful tool for the family historian. One of the most interesting things about our research is not knowing where it is going to take us next so having a store of these CD's is very useful.

One post mentioned the cover price of £5.99 but I notice that the issue for May is priced at £4.99 - presumably because the CD is no longer included. Does this mean I can look forward to a reduction in my subscription costs? :P

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Re: No more Cover CD's - not happy!

Postby Editor » Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:52 am

Hello everyone, I thought that it was probably time I popped in on this discussion again to answer a few of the points that keep coming up.

First of all, I should say that the price of the magazine is still £4.99. The increase to £5.99 was just for one issue to help towards the costs of producing a bumper pack for the newsstand. It didn't affect subscribers at all. In fact, one of the benefits of being a subscriber is that you don't have to pay any extra for any bonus covermounts. Although the removal of the CD will not result in a price cut as such, it will enable us to keep the magazine below £5 for some time into the future.

Secondly, I know that readers would like the bonus content to stay online for more than three months. The time limit has nothing to do with server space or our willingness to host the content for longer. It is a matter of content licensing. We pride ourselves on featuring full products in our content, not just sample extracts, and to do this, we have to pay the content provider, whether it is a family history society or a commercial company, for the right to do this. These societies and companies make their money by selling CDs and if we had the content available online for longer than three months, then it would allow more time for the code that we use to protect the content to get out into the public domain.

I know some people have commented that Your Family Tree leaves its bonus content online for longer, but if you have a look at that content, you will see that it is not a patch on ours with no full products, just a range of samples and extracts (and not a big range at that). We could go down that route and we are also considering just removing the main products after three months and leaving the sample records and photographs for as long as the magazine is available as a back issue.

I have taken on board the suggestion that we offer a CD to subscribers only, or the option of a differently priced subscription for those who would like a CD and we are looking into those options. I'm afraid there is not a lot I can do about those who do not have internet access or broadband. Those with a slow connection will hopefully see speeds increase over time and we are looking at ways of keeping the downloads small. We also welcome feedback on useability many of your ideas we have implemented.

We still plan to do occasional CDs including the annual web directory and we are looking into other possible covermounts for the future.

Hope this helps to explain some of the issues a bit better!


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Re: No more Cover CD's - not happy!

Postby joannelovesbooks » Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:58 am

I wanted to add my thoughts on the subject of no more cover CDs, a little belatedly because I have been very behind with my reading and have only just managed to download the content to date.

I have subscribed to the magazine since the very first issue, but at the start of this year I moved to Australia and had a switch to an overseas subscription. I am fully supportive of reducing waste and accessing information online. The problem for me is that in Australia the basic broadband packages start at the equivalent of £60 (six times as much as we used to pay in the UK) plus, that access is metered, which means we have to try to avoid downloading any more than we have to. As I have just downloaded several issues' worth of content at once, I have exceeded this month's allowance and will now have to pay a premium rate for any further internet access this month. For this reason, I would be much better off still receiving a CD, even if I had to pay more for it. When we return to the UK next year I would be very happy to return to online content only.

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