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Can anyone date these photos?

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Can anyone date these photos?

Postby eurogordi » Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:56 am

I am having difficulty with the two photographs below.

I know that Albert James Stump, on the right (with the moustache), was born in 1880. This photograph is probably from around 1905-1910 as the collar and tie matches another photograph of my grandfather, William Henry Lewis, that is known to have been taken circa 1908.

However, the man on the leftt is uncertain. One family member claims it is William Stump (1837-1913), Albert's father, but I have two other photographs of William and the facial shape is slightly different and he also has a beard.

My feeling is that the style of dress is possibly mid-19th century and could be Albert's grandfather, James White Stump (1807-1883). Unless, of course, William Stump grew a beard towards the end of his life ...

I'm also intriqued with the process used on both of these photographs which have the appearance of being hand drawn or, at least, enhanced by pencil. I have a similar style photograph of my great grandparents, Ellen (nee Stump) and James Lewis that is known to date from 1942. Would such a process have been used for this length of time?

Any advise is welcome!
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RE: Can anyone date these photos?

Postby Admin » Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:56 pm

Here is the resized image.

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