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Dorset team 1958-9 Nat Assoc Boys' Club football

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Dorset team 1958-9 Nat Assoc Boys' Club football

Postby higgy1608 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:59 pm

Screenshot - 13_01_2012 , 13_47_11_ver001.jpg
Screenshot - 13_01_2012 , 13_47_11_ver001.jpg (110.32 KiB) Viewed 7756 times

This photo, taken in 1959, is of the Dorset Team of the National Association of Boys' Club - the occasion the Gillette trophy football championship.

I have no names of any of the players except the goalkeeper, Edward "Ted" Higgins who was aged about 17 in this picture.

Does anyone recognise any of the other players?

Ted later went on to play for Poole Town FC as first team goalie ~1965-6.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.
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Re: Dorset team 1958-9 Nat Assoc Boys' Club football

Postby fatfish59 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:30 pm

Hi Higgy

I saw the photo in this months magazine. I have a few contacts in the area who are involved in football administration & have been for many years. I have sent the photo link on to them.

They think that the back row, far left is an Police Officer named Dave Rogers. They are trying to get in contact with him to see if it is him and, if so, if he can remember any of the others.

They also say that some of the team are likely to be from the Poole Police Boys Club who were a power in the local youth football at the time.

If I hear anymore, I'll let you know.


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Re: Dorset team 1958-9 Nat Assoc Boys' Club football

Postby fatfish59 » Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:10 pm


Here is a further update for you.

This info has been passed on to me by a friend of a friend involved in local football in that area. Hopefully it is of great use to you.

"Unfortunately David ROGERS cannot put faces to the names I have given him.

He has confirmed that he is the player at end of the back row (left side of picture) and that the player in the centre of the front row is Ian CARTER.

The remainder of the info I found at Poole Museum in the Poole and Dorset Heralds for 1958 - 59.

I found out quite a bit about the matches and the team but, unfortunately, the picture was not in them.

I found that the team received a bye in the first or preliminary round and was then drawn at home to Oxfordshire winning 7 - 3 in Mid January. The goals were scored by Ian CARTER (4), Chris BRAIN (2), and Owen WILLIAMS (1).

In the next round (31st January 1959), they played Devon away, somewhere in Plymouth and won 4 - 0. The selected team is listed in the paper on 28.1.59, as ;

E HIGGINS (Hazelbury Bryan), D ROGERS (Dorchester YMCA), R KENNEDY (Poole Police BC), R TURNER (Blandford), P GALTON, S SMITH, C BRAIN (all Trinidad BC), P BLUNDELL (Poole Police BC), I CARTER (Dorchester YMCA), R YEATMAN and O WILLIAMS (both Poole Police BC).

The goals were scored by I Carter 2, P Blundell 1 and C Brain 1.

In the Quarter Final they were drawn away to Kent but the result does not appear in the papers, although he believes they lost either 1 -0 or 2 -1.

It also reported that E HIGGINS and Ian CARTER were invited for trials with England Boys Clubs.

From reading the entry on the website, I believe the photo has been submitted by a descendant of the Goalkeeper E HIGGINS as this is the only name he knows.

I would suggest that the original inputter 'Higgy1608' sends the picture to Snapshots of the past at the Bournemouth and Dorset Echo's, and also the Bridport News and Western Gazettes, but it must be at 200 dpi.

They are normally happy to print the with a request for info."
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Re: Dorset team 1958-9 Nat Assoc Boys' Club football

Postby higgy1608 » Sat Sep 01, 2012 7:52 am

Dear fatfish,

I can't think you enough for the tremendous help you've given me in finding this out and for the pointers on where to direct my research.

Apologies too - I also hadn't realised that you'd replied - I'd expected to receive a notification if anyone posted a reply but don't recall getting one. Added to that I discovered only last night my March subscription of WDYTYA? magazine still unopened and unread in its packaging so sat down to read it to find out that my post had been printed on pg7 and I'd had no idea until then!

Would you please pass on my very grateful thanks to the friend of your friend who supplied you with all the names and the dates. I'm Ted's daughter-in-law, but unfortunately I never got the chance to meet him because I first met my husband (also from Hazelbury Bryan) some months after Ted died in 1999, aged just 57. His wife Pamela died in 2004. So all those stories have been lost and all we have besides what my husband can recall of his football career are a few photos and newspaper clippings from The Football Echo and Sports Gazette.

I'll certainly take the good advice and send the picture to the two newspapers as I'm keen to follow this up and who knows, maybe I can post a future update with biographies on the team and players.

Thank you so much again,
Best wishes.
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Re: Dorset team 1958-9 Nat Assoc Boys' Club football

Postby Peter Galton » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:59 pm

I was somewhat astounded to discover the picture and information that you have gathered.
I remember the team and the games we played all those many years ago.
Maybe this will help to identify those in the photograph which was taken before our game against Kent at the Gravesend and Northfleet ground.
From left to right:
Back row Dave Rogers right back, Simon Smith left half, Rob Turner right half, Eddie Higgins goalkeeper, Pete Galton centre half, Ray Kennedy left back.
Front row Chris Brain right wing, Pete Blundell inside right, Ian Carter centre forward and captain, Rob Yeatman inside left, Owen Williams left wing.
Regrettably we lost the game 3-1.
I remember with fondness Eddie Higgins (to us he was always Eddie) who was a lovely jovial person who commanded his goalmouth with authority. He and I got on famously and remember his edict " if I shout its my ball Pete, get out the b..... way because I'm coming ". He was too big to argue with!!!
In the mid 1960s I went to the pub in Sturminster Newton which Eddie was running to catch up with him and reminisce over our exploits.
I was saddened to read of his death at so early an age.
Best goalkeeper I ever played with.
Peter Galton
Peter Galton
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