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Recommended Web sites

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Recommended Web sites

Postby cathyhudd » Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:00 am

As I work full time and my family are spread over much of the country I am trying to trace my family tree by just using web sites. I have tried lots and have even found one branch of my tree as an example on one site so it has already been traced back to just after the Norman conquest. I have used BMDfree,, genesreunited, and LDS but does anyone have any other ideas?
Looking for information about:- Harpers of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire. Whaymans and Goodings of Suffolk and Essex. Jacques of Leicestershire. Hudds, Pontings and Partridges of Gloucestershire.
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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby pentre » Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:46 am

I also use, as they have transcribed all births, marriages and deaths between [color=#000000]1866-1920 - invaluable. Curious Fox also lets you search by location, which can be useful. The London Gazette archives are free online - if your family were in business, for example, they have a lot of references. The National Archives online have information on all sorts of things - do a global search on your surname. You can buy old wills, service records etc online. The Times Digital online (can be accessed from some libraries free of charge) is useful if your family were likely to place personal ads, or get into the news for whatever reason! [/color]
[color=#000000]Like you, I can't travel so most of my research is done online. There are some things you can't do online, and you just have to either (a) pay, or (b) find someone to do the legwork for you. I have paid the researchers from lunatic asylums to get hold of ancestors' medical records, and various libraries - where the library researcher will look up local papers for a fee. I've never paid more than £25 for any of these records - and some have been absolutely worth their weight in gold. [/color]

I'd also recommend rootschat - the people there are always willing to help - and can often suggest ways to break down your brick walls.

Now my question - my family has just surprised me by springing an Irish line - Mayo. Can anyone recommend any good Irish sites?

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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby debs » Sat Feb 09, 2008 3:16 am

I hope that this will be of help to you.

I do know that mayo have a website to do with ancestry its or [link=][u][color=#0000ff][/color][/u][/link]

and i know that if you go to [link=][u][color=#810081][/color][/u][/link] and type in about mayo ancestors that it will bring up more sites for you.
I hope this is of help to you

As i am tracing my family history in ireland and im living in ireland i have been using these three books and the top one is usefull to tell you how far back the death, baptisms,marriages and burials started and its a full starter guide covering everything you need to know and to trace your irish ancestors.

Tracing your Irish Ancestors by John Grenham ISBN:9780717139767
Irish Ancestors a pocket guide to your family history by John Grenham ISBN:9780717136285
Tracing your Irish Roots by Christine Kinealy ISBN:9780862817565

I hope these are of help to you i use them but i use the Tracing your Irish Ancestors more then the other two.

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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby pentre » Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:13 am

Thank you Debs. I'll definitely follow up your suggestions. I'll start with the book you recommend - my big problem is making that leap from the English census over to Ireland. Most entries just put the individual's place of birth as Ireland, so you're left not knowing where to go next. One says Mayo, the latest I've found says Sligo. Some of the families seem to have come to England, returned to Ireland (where a child was born) then come back to England. The families I'm researching all settled in Lancashire, mainly Liverpool. But they do disappear from various censuses.

By comparison, my Scots and Welsh ancestors have been really easy! So thanks for the pointers. I need all the help I can get.

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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby TinaK » Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:43 pm

I can't travel so I rely totally on the internet. I subscribe to and, and also use FreeBMD a lot, as well as the LDS. The stuff that is on the National Archives online is amazing - the tip to just type in the name and see what comes up resulted in rich pickings! The tip in the WDYTYA mag about WW1 medals having the name and regimental no. engraved round the edge led me to find a couple of ancestors' medal records. I don't find genesreunited all that helpful compared with what's available elsewhere.

Now I'm stuck with an Irish ancestor ... surname Gill from Longford (Longford library has part of the parish records online too). I'm going to try the RCB (Church of Ireland) too.

Sometimes I just throw a mix of searches into Google - and been surprised (helpfully) what comes up!
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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby Elin » Mon Feb 11, 2008 11:20 pm


I spotted your recommendation for rootschat, I have never come across it before. I left a message asking for a piece of info that I have been after for 5 years. 1 day after I joined I now have the information. [:)] I am soooo pleased!

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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby pentre » Mon Feb 11, 2008 11:36 pm

Elin - I think many of us owe a big slice of our research to the help we get from Rootschatters! I'm glad you found them.
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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby margaretabram » Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:43 am

I just have to reply to the comment on Genes Reunited. I have been incredibly lucky with the contacts I've made and the information and photos I've received.

I have found several previously unknown relatives. I have been sent a copy of the family bible page with the dates of birth and times of birth of my ancestors by a cousin of my mother's I didn't know about. I have been sent a photo of an oil painting of my mother's great uncle who drowned in a peacetime naval disaster in 1878 and then another person contacted me and he had a photo of the same person!

It doesn't cost very much and I have mentioned only a few of the people who have sent me wonderful information and facinating trees.
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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby helenmwarwick » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:46 am

I've found a lot of useful info just by typing in a village name and family history or a village and a surname into google. If your name means something else (like bacon) use the minus search e.g. "Collingham Bacon -sandwich" to remove the thousands of hits you will get for bacon butties! Some very helpful individuals and groupds out there have transcibed records for village church registers e.g. Clanfield, Buriton and Cheriton in Hampshire or have transcribed censuses (Fovant) and others have posted wonderfully detailed family histories e.g. the Tilbury family. Additionally the combination of a place and an occupation or street name can often find treasures e.g. silkweaving and Kettering found me a history of shoelace weaving amongst other things......

Another good source of transctiptions and general info is to be found in local family history societies. Many have concentration in producing CDs of parish registers that don't appear in the I.G.I. (like large swathes of Oxfordshire especially before 1780 which can be bought from the Oxfordshire family history society of the B.M.F.H.S. with its lists of Birmingham burials and non-conformist records.

Enjoy the exploration
Helen Warwick
researching Warwicks, Warricks, Bacons, Burrells, Archers, Pickerings,Pentons and many others
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RE: Recommended Web sites

Postby Pamela » Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:46 am

One of the most useful (and free) sites for helping to trace your family history is
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