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Ashley Judd (23 November - WDYTYA USA)

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Ashley Judd (23 November - WDYTYA USA)

Postby eurogordi » Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:15 pm

Although I am not that educated on US celebrities, I did enjoy the show broadcast in the UK yesterday evening featuring Ashley Judd and her Pilgrim Father ancestors who left England in 1620. However, I was somewhat dismayed that she visited Plymouth, Devon instead of my hometown of Southampton, Hampshire.

The Mayflower, and her sister ship Speedwell, sailed from Southampton where there is a memorial located opposite the Royal Pier. A few days later, the Speedwell ran into difficulty off the Devon coast and both ships sought safety in Plymouth Harbour. The Speedwell passengers subsequently transferred to the Mayflower, with just the latter ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to reach the shores of what would become New England.

Sadly, Southampton City Council is not particularly good at promoting its links with the Mayflower, unlike Plymouth which has firmly placed itself on the Pilgrim Fathers' map. But, even though Plymouth remains the last English port of call, it would have been good for Southampton to have been given some recognition.
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